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Ultimate Ministerial Academy launched to train church leaders

Ultimate Ministerial Academy (UMA) an institution set up as a training center for the Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians, with a unique emphasis on the five-fold “giftings” of Jesus Christ.

The academy seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the gospel, preparing a well-structured curriculum and assembling highly qualified and seasoned faculty to train and transform church leaders.

UMA aims to promote Bible-based theological reasoning; provide training that is based on the specific calling of individuals; and polish the skills of those who preach, teach, evangelize, prophesy, and heal.

Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh, founder of Ultimate Ministerial Academy said “Ultimate Ministerial Academy (UMA) offers a life-transforming academic exposure to individuals who are called by God to lead His Church in the end-time.

The institution is committed to changing the prevalent mentality that seems to suggest a dichotomy between the anointing and the academia. We have assembled highly qualified and seasoned faculty, and put together a well-structured curriculum, for the purpose of transforming church leaders who are responsible for the eternal destinies of the people of God.”

Programs offered by the academy include School of Christian Ministry I, School of Christian Ministry II, School of Leadership, School of Minstrels, and School of Prophets.

UMA by this program and others seeks to improve and provide the appropriate knowledge and understanding students would need to be impactful in their ministries.

Led by Prophet Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh, who himself is an astute Prophet, UMA seeks to encourage the proper manifestation of the gift. This is an intensive 6 months program combining theory, practical activities, and spiritual impartation led by seasoned and acknowledged prophets who stand in the position to impart and impact.

To enroll in any of the programs, candidates below 25 years will need proof of WASSCE or SSSCE to be admitted. Candidates above 25 years may enter as Mature Students but should be able to read and write appreciably.
Such candidates will have to pass an entrance examination aimed at testing their general aptitude. For the School of Prophets, however, basic theological training received at UMA or elsewhere, is a definite requirement.

Ultimate Ministerial Academy is led by Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh. Ultimate Ministerial Academy seeks to become a leading Charismatic Bible College and a unique center for the raising of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers through strategic, systematic, sound, and specialized biblical training that will make it unique in the world of ecclesiastical academia.

Source: Ghana Web


March 2024