The DJ’s digest: Check out veteran Andy Dosty’s 5 dancefloor shakers in his playlist

Rated as one of the noble professions one can dream of practicing the job of a Disc Jockey is a very difficult one and it requires so much skill, speed, flair, and massive energy.

People always seem to think that being a DJ only calls for one to be able to keep up with all the latest and old groovy songs but fail to know that there are several technicalities involved in the DJ’s quest to ensure the party or radio show will be the best;

Simultaneously, the DJ must apply the selector wheel in selecting a song, he needs to be super-fast especially when the program or show is at its peak and he wouldn’t want to quench the fire.

He must be smart in identifying a song that matches the current one on rotation in terms of beats per meter, the BPM, else he might have kick patterns overriding each other which may create an embarrassing distortion.

The Disc Jockey then applies the synchronizing button, this button quantizes the new song and it enables smooth mixing and a successful fade out.

He must make sure his eyes are not off the waveforms and must be smart in reading it because it helps in selecting hot cue points and to help him ensure that the quantized points are intact, he must nudge the vinyl until the two kick points of the new and old songs play evenly.

The faders and the crossfaders are all essential to the DJ but the crossfader plays a significant role when the DJ tries a baby scratch freestyle.

Above all the DJ must have eyes that can tell the mood of the audience at just a stare.

This helps because people may use their faces and some gestures to demonstrate they are not happy with the Jockey’s selections.

Using the sampler, pads, and jingles all contribute to ensuring the right, good mood and makes the event a memorable one.

Above all the Disc Jockey must have at least 5 songs that must serve as the crowd heater;

These songs must be the DJ’s surety of a never-ending interesting party or program and must be able to shake up the stage as at when these songs are dropped.

Mostly, the audience must be able to jam to these songs and in most cases be able to sing along.

Veteran Ghanaian Disc Jockey Andrew Amoh popularly known as Andy Dosty shared 5 songs off his playlists that shake up the dancefloor whenever he is performing.

According to him those songs have always been the spice of his playlist and have always aided in working excellent magic whenever he is behind the turntable.

He was speaking to Quophi Okyeame yesterday on Angel FM.

Having a career that spans almost a decade long, Andy Dosty will certainly not go wrong with any of these songs.

Check these jams out;

Source: Modern Ghana



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