Teachers asked to adapt to new trends in education


Ejisu-Abankro (Ash), – The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has advised members to adapt to the new trends and transformation in education.

“All over the world, education is being changed to improve life, and every time a teacher has to find a way of acclimatizing to it,” Madam Gifty Apanbil, a Deputy General Secretary in charge of Professional Development, GNAT, noted.

She said the adoption of new skills and expertise as pertained to the emerging trends in the educational sector, especially the knowledge and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), had become a necessity.

This was needed for effective teaching and learning to promote quality educational delivery at all levels, Madam Apanbil observed.

She was addressing a close-out session of the maiden “GNAT/CTF ‘Nkabom’ Project Overseas in-Service Training Workshop”, at Abankro in the EJisu Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

The training was organized by GNAT with support from the Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF).

In all, 160 participating teachers were drawn from 20 districts in the Region, comprising headteachers, lower primary, kindergarten, and newly-posted teachers.

Under the ‘Nkabom’ Project, some topics have been designed for teachers serving in deprived and under-served areas, to improve their teaching skills and creativity for the development of education in their respective communities.

Additionally, an aspect of the project dubbed ‘The Beginning Teachers Mentorship’ is to help newly-posted teachers who have not served more than three years, to be abreast of the realities of the teaching profession.

It further seeks to equip both old and new teachers with the skills to mentor others.

Madam Apanbil said the Association, as a professional body, would make sure members were well equipped through knowledge acquisition to be able to deliver on their mandates effectively.

It would not relent in the efforts to providing continuous professional training for members, she assured.

The Deputy General Secretary called on the government to make resources available for the continuous development of teachers to build a resilient teaching force that would provide quality education for Ghanaian children.

She said the GNAT had planned to decentralize such training programmes for the benefit of all its members.

Madam Richarda Tandoh Appiah, the Regional Secretary of GNAT, urged the beneficiary teachers to share the knowledge acquired with other teachers in their respective schools.

She asked teachers to play pivotal roles in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Four (SDG4), which aimed at ensuring inclusive and equitable education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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