PP’s Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo embarks on a ‘thank you’ tour after 2020 general election

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Ho West in the 2020 General Elections, Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo has visited some communities in his Constituency this week to show appreciation for the overwhelming support received in the 2020 general elections.

In last year’s election, Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo and His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo received – amazing votes, something that had never happened in the history of the Party in Ho West Constituency.

The grateful parliamentary candidate embarked on a two-day “thank you tour” to communities such as Abutia Adegblevi, Abutia Sonume, Avatime Dzogbefeme, Aboete, Tanve Bunya, among other communities.

The tour was part of the first phase of the candidate’s appreciation of the confidence the electorate has in him.

The hardworking candidate was welcomed in each community by chiefs and people who expressed disappointment and urged him to run again in 2024. Some communities were amazed that, despite his loss, Nfodjo was still showing appreciation and a zeal to cater to the affairs of the constituents.

In Avatime Dzogbefeme, an elder who got the opportunity to speak stressed that Dr. Nfodjo’s appearance was not by accident but a blessing in disguise to the socio-economic development of Ho West.

He further appealed to party executives present at the occasion to maintain Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo as a parliamentary candidate for the 2024 general elections. Others held the view that Nfodjo’s campaign appearance had elevated the political stakes in Ho West.

Residents of Tanve Bunya openly asked that if Nfodjo’s candidature could earn Ho West these significant developments, how would his tenure in office as a Member Parliament be?”

In response to the question, the candidate thanked the electorate for being there for him and the New Patriotic Party.

He also stressed that the huge number of votes bagged by him and the NPP was not as a result of his benevolence or performance. The results, Nfodjo said, were a direct result of their loyalty and commitment towards the “Ho West First” agenda. It was also a strong indication that the massive social intervention programs/policies implemented by the Akufo Addo-led government were resonating with the people of Ho West.

Dr. Nfodjo donated soft drinks and undisclosed cash amounts to the communities.

The chiefs and elders, throughout the tour, rhapsodized about the benevolence of Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo through his immense contributions to their development during the campaign. They thanked members of the powerful delegation and the NPP, Ho West for their continued work in the constituency.

Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo assured the communities of timely intervention to their needs. The candidate will, in the coming days visit Anyirawase, Tsito, Avenui, Dededo, Seke Kofe, Tsibu, Daffor, Kwanta, and Bame as part of the second phase of his thank you tour.

Source: Modern Ghana



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