Zino and her deputies embark on a journey to help abused, stranded Ghanaians return

Many Ghanaians travel to the Gulf countries every year for job hunt and greener pastures, but unfortunately, not all end up in the desired job. Even worse, some are harassed, abused, raped, killed, jailed, and not paid for months or years as the case may be.

Hon. Zino is an ex-beauty queen, a model, Vice President of the Models Union of Ghana, a black beauty advocate, entrepreneur, human rights activist and humanitarian, currently working with the United Nations Youth Association of Ghana as the Shadow Youth Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture-Ghana.

Hon. Zino and her deputies (Hon. Dora Akiina & Hon. Solomon Aboagye) together with UNYA-Gh Deputy Chief of Staff, Hon. Kennedy Nana Asare Ansah, have embarked on a selfless “massive” operation, calling on the Ghanaian government to bring back hundreds of nationals, stuck in Saudi Arabia as domestic workers who are constantly abused.

Her journey of helping stranded Ghanaians started when she posted a memo on social media, urging victims and survivors of kafala system, to reach out to her ministry, the UNYA-Gh, Youth Tourism Ministry Ghana.

To her surprise, she got lots of messages which are cries for Help from Real victims and even from their friends and families.

These stranded Ghanaian youths said they would not be able to pay for their evacuations since most of them have been unpaid and others unemployed, they have, therefore, pleaded with the government and the United Nations Youth Association-Ghana for help.

“We at the United Nations Youth Association of Ghana, appreciates Hon. Zino Lexili Ogazi, Hon. Dora Akiina, Hon. Solomon Aboagye and Hon. Kennedy Nana Asare Ansah, for taking up this selfless laudable project to save our Ghanaian sisters and brothers from danger… We hope that the government acts fast!” said UNYA-Gh Country Head, H.E Lilian Sally Addo.

Source: Ghana Web