ZephyrTel launches PeerApp SaveShare with immediate availability in Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ZephyrTel, a software company dedicated to serving global telecommunications operators, is pleased to announce the launch of PeerApp SaveShare, an enhanced pricing model for PeerApp, the content delivery platform.

The phenomenal growth of digital content and insatiable demand from consumers is fundamentally changing viewing habits. Network congestion negatively impacts customer experience, brand perception and loyalty.

PeerApp  moves popular content data closer to users, by accelerating and virtually localising content delivery. Data served from the caching system is made available locally, enabling delivery at much higher speeds, reducing network costs and maintaining a high quality of experience.

PeerApp provides open, adaptable solutions for local delivery of streaming video and other OTT content for mobile, cable and telecom operators, who need to optimise their investments in next-generation networks.

With PeerApp SaveShare, the service is charged as a proportion of the total IP bandwidth costs PeerApp saves the operator. So the more they use PeerApp, the more bandwidth costs they save and better network experience end-users receive.

Ken Mawbey, VP of Product Marketing, ZephyrTel comments: “Large-scale live events such as the World Cup, an iOS release, or a software update for a popular game, set off a viral consumer frenzy. The demand for digital content soars and severe network traffic spikes translate into a huge number of dissatisfied subscribers. With PeerApp SaveShare, operators can save on bandwidth costs while improving customer experience, enhancing brand perception and reducing churn.”

PeerApp Ultraband solutions include:

  • PACache – supercharges any network, increasing content delivery speeds and enabling operators to provide their subscribers with a haven of digital continuity
  • PALive – automatically identifies popular live streams and delivers them locally from the network edge

In addition to PeerApp SaveShare, ZephyrTel is offering existing customers an upgrade to PeerApp All-Inclusive, providing the benefit of all PeerApp features including PACache and PALive licences.

About ZephyrTel

Launched in early 2018, ZephyrTel has rapidly scaled up to reach $70M revenues, and its customers include more than 330 of the global leading Telecom Operators. ZephyrTel is currently serving the telecommunications industry worldwide with cloud solutions for mobile, infrastructure, retail and customer experience, continuously extending its telco product range. More information:  www.zephyrtel.com.

Martyn Lambert, Chief Marketing Officer martyn.lambert@zephyrtel.com
Ken Mawbey, VP of Product Marketing ken.mawbey@zephyrtel.com