Youth up in arms against chief over lands sale

Akyawkrom (Ash), The youth of Akyawkrom near Ejisu are up in arms against the chief over the management of huge sums of money earned through land sales and are demanding accountability.

They are angered that there is little to show for the millions of cedis, which had come to Nana Tutu Ampem II, and accusing him of putting his personal comfort ahead of the development of the town.

They have therefore petitioned the Asantehene to intervene to get the chief to account for the proceeds from the sale of lands, which he has been holding in trust of the people to prevent imminent explosion.

The petition, signed by Mr. Emmanuel Osei Owusu, their Spokesperson, said there was deep anger and resentment among the people.

It complained about large stretches of farmlands having been sold to developers and the families, which depended on these lands for survival, denied their share of the revenue � to provide them with alternative livelihood.

A plot of land in the town now goes for GH?25,000.00.

The youth said a school structure, the chief started in year, 2003, has since been abandoned.

Again, construction works on a palace project, which commenced nine years ago, is also yet to be completed.

The youth said a promise by Nana Ampem to fund the education of brilliant school children from poor homes, has also not been kept.

They said they did not want to believe that, he fought to become chief to make money at the expense of the town’s development.

Dressed in red, they had earlier, staged a peaceful demonstration on the streets of the town.

Source: Ghana News Agency