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Youth of Asaman-Tamfoe welcome community mining scheme



Asaman-Tamfoe (E/R),– Concerned Youth of Asaman-Tamfoe for Community Mining Initiative and Development in Atiwa East District has embraced the introduction of the Community Mining Scheme as it will create employment opportunities and provide a livelihood for the youth.



The Community Mining Scheme is a policy introduced by the government and aims at legitimising the participation of residents of host mining communities in small-scale mining.


It is also meant to align with Ghana’s Minerals and Mining Act, 2006, which regulates the country’s small-scale mining industry.


Addressing a press conference at Asaman-Tamfoe, the Youth welcomed the measures put in place to ensure reclamation of land during and after mining, should the scheme becomes operational in the town.



Mr Kwadwo Nti, Organiser, and spokesperson for the Concerned Youth of Asaman-Tamfoe highlighted some of the advanced measures put in place for small-scale mining in the area and said there shall be a mining committee that would see to the proper planning and implementation of the master plan for the project.


He also said the committee shall be responsible for the proper allocation of sites to the youth of the community which shall primarily be a source of employment to young people.


The committee shall further be responsible for the application of a proper mining method that allows for the reclamation of the land and the preservation of water bodies.


As part of the master plan, there shall be the construction of mechanised boreholes, a water closet facility for the community, and construction of the ultra-modern palace for the community among several other projects.


“It is our hope and dream that the community mining if implemented in our community would help alleviate poverty and eradicate juvenile delinquency,” Mr Nti said.


Osabarima Kwame Koh II, Chief of Asaman- Tamfoe, said he was in support of the Community Mining Scheme if the “advanced plans” stated would be adhered to.


He cautioned against shoddy work and said those found culpable would have their license disowned.



The youth displayed several placards with inscriptions such as “Hon. Seth Acheampong, Eastern Regional Minister, please we need your support; Asaman-Tamfoe Youth needs community mining commissioned; Hon. Abena Osei Asare our MP, Asaman-Tamfoe, people are ready for community mining; and Hon Abu Jinapor, we are ready, Time aso.”


Source: Ghana News Agency


December 2023