Youth called upon to stand for honesty

Anum Apapam (E/R), The Promised Land Prayer Camp of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) has ended a youth prayer week at Anum Apapam in the Eastern Region with a call on the youth to always stand for honesty.

Prophetess Elizabeth Abredu Quayeba, the Leader of the Camp, said the youth must also endeavour to do away with morally apprehensible behaviours.

The progaramme formed part of the church’s Republic Strategic Plan to encourage the youth in and outside the church to become increasingly aware of their civic responsibilities and be assertive.

Prophetess Quayeba, closing the programme, said the youth, especially students, should endeavour to cultivate the habit of learning to be patriotic citizens so as to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana.

She said the youth had a task to forbid indecency and contribute to national development adding that they should use the Republic Festivity to develop a holistic approach to education in order not to leave the virtues and moral values that should go with it.

She said everything possible must be done to enhance the welfare of the youth, who are the future leaders of the nation.

The Prophetess asked the youth to be law-abiding so as not to be branded as agents of destruction.

Source: Ghana News Agency