Your Attack On Church Of Pentecost Lacks Commonsense – NDC PC Aspirant Tells Ken Agyapong

An aspirant for the 2020 Parliamentary ticket of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency has mounted a stand-up objection to attacks that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for Assin Central, has visited on the church of Pentecost.

In response to Kennedy Agyapong’s declaration that all of Ghana’s Economic problems are the cause of the Church of Pentecost, Madam Irene Mensah, has pointed out that the attack was rooted in nothing but disjointed logic.

I am sure that many people, just like myself, are shocked that such unguarded untruth could be spewed against this Church, which has been very central to the spiritual and leadership development of this country.

How can the Church of Pentecost be the enemy of Ghana’s Economic progress when this same Church is busily building schools and churning out all sorts of graduates to feed the country’s skilled labour market? Irene Mensah said in an interview monitored by this portal.

According to her, Ken Agyapong’s attack is a hit below the belt that is very ironic because the Church of Pentecost has done far more for Ghana than Ken Agyapong could ever do for this country in a million lifetimes.

Last week, the loose cannon Assin Central MP shocked the whole country when he claimed on radio that all the economic problems of Ghana are caused by the Church of Pentecost.

According to him, the Church brainwashes its members to believe that it is ok to spend all their weekdays in worshipping and praying rather than working to earn a living. Consequently, the Church of Pentecost has become an outlet for lazy Christians.

The foul-mouthed MP who mocked tongues speaking Christians claimed that Pentecost is also prone to splintering, as many Church members easily leave the mother church and set up churches of their own, and that this phenomenon is the reason for so many mushrooming churches in Ghana.

Ken Agyapong claimed that members who leave the mother church to start new churches carry the supposed laziness inculcated in them by Pentecost along, and thus spread it, a situation he claimed has resulted in a culture of widespread laziness among Ghanaian Christians.

As a Pentecostal, I want to put it to Ken Agyapong that his claims against the church of Pentecost are flat lies. I want Ken Agyapong to know, that the Church of Pentecost is not a parasite on the national purse like he is. This Church does not depend on government contracts to make its wealth like he does, Irene Mensah fired.

Herself a Deaconess in the Church of Pentecost, she pointed out that there is so much physical evidence to the contrary of Ken Agyapong’s claims against the church.

There are many competent businessmen and women whose establishments are providing jobs for Ghanaian youth, and they are either members of Pentecost or products of the Pentecost University. In our church, it is not preached anywhere that members should not work; rather the numerous biblical admonishments, including the proverb that, the hand that does not work, must not eat, are inculcated in members, she said.

Irene Mensah also pointed out that Ken Agyapong’s attacks on religion is a confusion of logic because religion, especially the Christian faith, is what has made Ghanaian peaceful.

With the kind of behavior that politicians like Kennedy Agyapong have been putting up, does he think that if it were not to be the fact that Ghanaians are God-fearing, this country will continue to remain in one piece, in spite of all the fault lines we have here? Irene Mensah asked rhetorically.

She demanded an unqualified apology from the controversial and scandal-prone Kennedy Agyapong whose wife recently landed a 1trillion old cedi contract from the Akufo-Addo government in which Mrs. Stella Agyapong is also serving as Board Charwoman of a state agency.

Let Ken Agyapong be warned, that even the gates of Hell itself cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ, let alone a mere mortal like him Irene Mensah said.

Source: Modern Ghana