Yendi hospital receives equipment worth $250,000

Yendi (NR) – The Global Mission Resources Centre (GMRC) in collaboration with Mission 318 in United States of American (USA) has donated hospital equipment worth $250,000 to the Yendi hospital in the Northern Region.

The equipment included; patient trolleys, infant beds, examination tables for Out Patient Department (OPD), ventilator, supplies for children’s ward, paint equipment to build beds, all necessary surgical supplies among others, which were shipped by United Parcel Services (UPS).

Apart from the equipment, 24 Member Medical Team from Steve West Saint Louis, USA are carrying out surgical operations on goitre, hernia, growths on the body, Uro-gynaenic cases, gynaenic cases, breasts masses among others.

Some of the Medical Team Members included; Dr Steve West for Ear, Nose and throat Surgeon, Dr. Jim Cassat-general surgeon, Dr. Jon Limpert-General Surgeon, Dr. Cindy Basinski-GYN surgeon, Nick Colloier-Nurse Arusthetist, Joe Hass Nurse Arusthelist among others.

Rev. Emmanuel Kwabena Mustapha, Executive Officer and Founder of Global Mission Centre, through whose efforts the Yendi hospital was benefiting from the equipment and the doctors indicated that, the doctors started coming to the area since 2008.

Rev. Mustapha said the Global Mission Resource Centre was working in infrastructural development in education, sanitation, health sector among others and supplied 100,000 mosquito nets to prevent malaria in the area.

He said the Yendi hospital used to transfer some emergency cases to Tamale Teaching Hospital, but when the Global Mission Resources Hospital built Tele-Mission Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 1441 in 2017 the referrals issues were solved.

He said surgeries underway were monitored in USA.

He said this year 400 patients were booked for surgeries, but 106 have been registered for operations.

Rev Mustapha appealed to all the stakeholders in the area to help in the health care delivery to serve the over 180,000 people patronizing the facility.

He said they would throw their weight behind the Government in the area of development.

Dr. Ayuba Abdulai, the Yendi Medical Superintendent of the hospital said the facility was a referral hospital for 10 Municipal and District Assemblies within the Eastern Corridor and the collaboration with GMRC and Medical Teams from USA for free surgical care for men, women and children was helpful.

He said the Yendi Hospital was built in 1947 and since 2008 the GMRC and the American doctors have been helping the hospital.

He said the hospital has about 270 bed capacity and needed 13 doctors more.

He said the hospital lacked critical staff, infrastructure upgrading, equipment, logistics, although they were managing with what they had.

Dr. Patricia Limpert, representative of the 24 Member Medical Team said they were challenged with money and time to bring the team from USA to Ghana to carry out the surgeries in the Yendi hospital and promised children in the area would be catered for.

She indicated that it was her second time in Yendi with the medical team and advised the patients and the public to be particular about sanitation and hygiene, water and environment which were important to human lives.

The Leader of the team Dr. Jon Limpert said at the end of their four days exercise from Sunday 12th January, 2020 to 16th January, 2020 they would have carried out 70 surgeries in Thyrodectomy, Hysterectomy,Vagina Fistule repair, Myomectomy, Paratidectomy and Lipoma Excisions.

Source: Ghana News Agency