Yellow Vests: 12th week of protests centres on police violence

The 12th weekend of Yellow Vest protests in France is to focus on police violence during rallies. At least 100 protesters have been reported seriously injured in past demonstrations.

France’s Yellow Vests will demonstrate for a twelfth consecutive Saturday. This time, the national anti-government protests aim to condemn the use of controversial non-lethal munitions that have been linked to several serious injuries over the past two months.

Paris and the southern town of Valence have been announced as the main meeting points for the demonstrations.

Injured lead march in Paris

Some of the protesters injured by riot police over the past two months will be on the frontlines of Saturday’s march in Paris.

“It is a march in their honour, you must come disguised as an injured person with a bandage, plasters, fake blood,” Eric Drouet, a figurehead of the Yellow Vests movement, said in a video message.

Up to 10,000 people are expected to attend the protest in Valence, according to local officials.

The decision to figure the injured on the forefront comes after France’s highest court, the Council of State, rejected calls to suspend the use of controversial non-lethal munitions linked to several Yellow Vest injuries.

Source: Modern Ghana