World Bank Group To Host World’s First 24-Hour Economics Marathon

The World Bank Group will host the world’s first continuous 24-hour economics marathon to discuss, debate and draw attention to some of the most important development issues of our time. The event will begin on July 24th at 12:00 pm ET time and end at 12:00 pm ET on July 25th.

The interactive livestreamed event, called the Econ-o-thon, will feature 46 World Bank Group economists and several guest speakers, broadcasting from five countries, including Bangladesh, Jordan, Malaysia, Ghana, and the United States.

The Africa Econ-o-thon will be broadcast from World Bank Group Office, Accra, Ghana on Thursday, July 25, 8h30 am GMT to 10:30 am GMT.

A wide range of speakers will participate in the event, including World Bank Group President David Malpass, World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva, Chief Economist Pinelopi Goldberg and a cohort of Bank Group economists and special guests from around the world.

Speakers for the Africa session include:

Hafez Ghanem, Vice President for Africa, World Bank

Albert Zeufack, Chief Economist for Africa, World Bank

Pierre Laporte, World Bank Country Director for Ghana

Dr. Edward Brown, Director of Policy Advisory Service, Africa Center for Economic Transformation

Dinah Recheal Blankson, Blog4Dev winner, Ghana

Kofi Dadzie, CEO and co-founder, Rancard

Momodou Njie, Director for planning and development of regional power infrastructure projects, West Africa Power Pool

Harald Poeltner, Associate Partner, McKinsey Kenya

Martha Wakoli, Project Development Manager, Virunga Power

The sessions will cover key development issues, including:

The biggest challenges and opportunities for Africa

Panel debate/discussion featuring e-launch of new report: The Future of Work in Africa

Econothon Africa Quiz show with citizens across the continent

Panel debate/discussion on Powering Africa’s Transformation � electricity access as a driver of productivity and job creation

A fireside chat with World Bank Chief Economist for Africa, Albert Zeufack

Source: Modern Ghana