Women’s Caucus condemns Police officer’s brutality

Accra – The Women’s Caucus in Parliament has condemned the brutality and inhumane treatment meted out to Patience Osafo, who was assaulted by a police officer at the Shiashie branch of the Midland Savings and Loans.

According to the Caucus, the appropriate agencies tasked to investigate the matter should do so in a transparent and expeditious manner.

Ms Sarah Adwoa Safo, Deputy Majority Leader and Head of the Women’s Caucus in Parliament condemned the act when she spoke to the media in Parliament.

Ms Adwoa Safo in an earlier statement on the floor of the House also condemned the brutality on the poor woman.

The development comes on the back of a video footage, which went viral, showing a police officer on duty at the Midland Savings and Loans assaulting a lady customer of the bank.

Lance Corporal Frederick Godzi Amanor cruelly assaulted the 36-year-old customer in the banking hall over a misunderstanding following her inability to withdraw GHC250.

The video of Lance Corporal Amanor assaulting a woman with a baby strapped behind her on social media sparked outrage among Ghanaians over the weekend.

Ms Adwoa Safo lauded the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for the swift action taken by the Police administration against the officer, she however wants investigation onto the matter to be speedy and not swept under the carpet.

She said all that the Women’s Caucus are asking for is justice for Patience Osafo, who was assaulted by the Police officer.

She said Article 15 of the Constitution safeguards the rights of every citizen in terms of his or her dignity, adding that, the victim’s dignity was trampled upon.

Ms Adwoa Safo also called for the official of the bank, who only came for the baby to allow the police officer to continue beating the woman should also be sanctioned.

She said the Midland Savings and Loans Company should also be made to pay compensation to the victim, in terms of her medical bills and maintenance.

Ms Joyce Tetteh, MP for North Dayi and Member of the Gender Committee called on the authorities to ensure that the bank compensates the victim of the brutal assault.

She pleaded with the government to come to the aid of the vulnerable people in society, especially women and children, who most of the time, were abused by men.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, if this is the only instance that we have seen on camera, what about those that we do not see on camera she added.

Mrs Dela Sowah, MP for Kpando and Member of the Women Caucus said the incident was an unfortunate one and has also traumatised her after watching the footage.

She said the event also serves as a wake-up call for the citizenry as a whole to know how women are treated in the society.

Mrs Sowah called on the Minister of Gender and Social Protection to take up the issue of the victim’s epileptic child, who was raped, and that, she should put on the LEAP programme.

She expressed delight at the way the event has generated outrage among Ghanaians, adding that, it would change the way people see women in the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency