Women warned against routine use of feminine wash

Dr Emmanuel Srofenyo, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at the Ridge Hospital, has asked women to desist from using feminine wash to routinely clean their vagina as it may have long term effects on them.

He said the vagina, by its nature, had lactobacilli which produced lactic acid and helped to protect it against reproductive tract infections hence the continuous use of these feminine wash products killing the natural mechanisms.

Dr Srofenyo, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said: “This is a worrying situation since the long term repercussions is not yet known because the products are new”.

He said feminine wash should only be used by ladies when prescribed by a doctor as medication.

Dr Srofenyo expressed concern about the rate at which feminine wash are being advertised through the media which is contributing to the abuse and endangering the life of users.

He said in the past women lived without those products and they were able to keep and protect the vagina neatly and safely because of its natural secretion.

Dr Srofenyo said some pharmaceutical companies had identified that some ladies had vaginal care challenges, therefore they have found a smart way of pushing into the market some ‘dangerous’ feminine washes.

He said there were lots of bacteria inside the vagina which protected it and thus, advised that women should visit the hospital when having vagina discomfort and challenges for proper medication.

He, therefore, advised women not to use any perfumed soap, antiseptics or other products in the name of keeping the place neat and smell good as the vagina would clean itself using its natural means.

Some of the feminine wash products include; Luvet, V-Firm, perfumed soap, antiseptics, pills, medicines, Joy Ointment, and GPI G’Private.

The GNA interacted with some ladies who use the products and they said the products were good and had helped them to boost and maintain their healthy vagina.

Ms Felicia Annor, a student, said she used antiseptic to wash her vagina to prevent odour especially during menstruation.

Ms Gloria Fosu, a businesswoman, said she used Luvet and V-Firm to prevent her from contracting candidiasis.

Ms Amina Okine, a teacher, said she used the ointment to always make the place smell nice and prevent any discharges.

Source: Ghana News Agency