Women urged to stand up for leadership roles

Ho- Reverend Dr Seth Theodore Kwasi Dzokoto, Parish Pastor of Ho SSNIT Flat Global Evangelical Church has admonished women to aspire for leadership positions.

He said aspiring for leadership roles would enable them to take their rightful places in the church, community and the nation, adding God created every human being in his own image and therefore women could not be subservient to men in all endeavours.

The Pastor said in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, women were used more than the men and that should motivate all women to show their worth in the church, workplace and communities they found themselves.

Rev Dzokoto said this during the Church Women’s Ministry Week celebration in Ho, which was on the theme; Discipleship, the role of Women in the home, the church, and the community.”

He eulogised women for the important role they played in the church and urged them to do more to the glory of God, adding that whatever a man could do in the church, women should be able to do better.

Rev Dzokoto said Christian women must exhibit their worth wherever they found themselves by championing and playing lead roles in the church and in the communities.

Rev Dzokoto said if your life is good at home, it will reflect in wherever you find yourselves” and therefore called on women to make the home a place of comfort and relaxation, stressing that in a responsible home everything is always in order.

Comradeship, companionship in service is what is required in a relationship to make the home a comfortable place for the family and the woman cannot be regarded as a second class citizen, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency