Women advised to use virtues to perfect society

Tema, May 15, GNA – Women must use their virtues to perfect society and radiate the light of Jesus Christ, Ms Charity Oforiwaa Labi, a former Presbyter of the Praise Congregation, Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Ashongman Estate, said on Sunday.

Speaking on the topic: “Jesus Christ, the Light of the World: Women, Let Your Light Shine to Radiate Jesus Christ,” said God had blessed women with virtues and power, which must be channelled towards making an impact on society.

Ms Labi was speaking during the celebration of the Women’s Sunday by the PCG, Redemption Congregation at Tema Community Nine.

She noted that outer beauty, which most women spent a lot on to attract, easily faded off, hence the need to concentrate on bringing out their inner beauty through service to God.

Throwing light on some of the virtues, she said God had blessed women with the power of emotions, which could be used to get whatever they wanted just as Delilah in the Bible used it to get the secret of Sampson’s strength.

Ms Labi said women must use such emotions as a stepping stone to change their challenges into activities that would glorify God.

Another virtue was the power of speech, she said, noting that most women had the gift of speech than men, which they could use positively.

“Speak words of wisdom that will encourage others, remember that once words are spoken, and lives are destroyed because of your utterances, it is difficult to correct such wrongs,” she said.

She advised them to keep family issues private, just as Mary treasured all that happened in her heart, adding: “It’s not everything happening in your life that should be shared, it’s not everyone around you who is happy for you.”

Women, Ms Labi noted, also had the power of discernment and intuition, which was a great weapon to help discern good from bad and evil, adding that those were good qualities that should be used to benefit all.

“The power of love that women have from God could be exhibited in their relationships as they love unconditionally,” Ms Labi.

She cautioned the young women, especially adolescents, to avoid premarital sex in order not to truncate their future aspirations, and called on the Church to sensitise them on its repercussions.

Ms Labi urged women not to use marriage or childbirth as the yardstick to self-fulfilment adding: “You are a complete woman, you don’t need marriage or a child before you become complete, you are a woman because God created you, enjoy what you have now.”

Source: Ghana News Agency