WLCU’s Accra Conference confirms preservation of Union’s independence as a cradle for emigrants, elects Shakib Rammal as President

At the end of its consultative conference held in Accra, Ghana, the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) issued a series of recommendations, in which it stressed “the preservation of the independence of the Union as an incubator institution for Lebanese emigrants.”

During their work sessions, conferees dwelt on the best means to fill the vacant administrative positions and the presidential vacuum in the Cultural Union.

The participants called for the cancellation of Article 12 of the Directorate of Emigrants, stressing the cooperation of the Cultural Union with all Lebanese state apparatuses.

They also emphasized the need to support the initiative of “Lebanon a Land of Dialogue among Civilizations”, highlighting the importance of activating relations with the Center for Studies of Emigration and various cultural centers in Lebanon.

Furthermore, conferees called for the amendment of binding legal articles, so that each country would have one vote in secret elections, using one ballot box. They also declared their meetings open till the end of the upcoming month of May.

It is to note that a session was held yesterday for the election of a new council for the Union after being vacant for five months, in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Interior in Ghana.

As a result, the following won by acclamation: Shakib Rammal (Ghana) as President, and Alberto Shaker (Uruguay) and Antoine Bou Abboud Harb (France) as Vice-Presidents. Rammal then announced the appointment of Michel Assaf (Venezuela) as Secretary-General.

In his word of appreciation, Rammal thanked the members for the trust they invested in him, adding: “The results of the meetings as an administrative body under the laws of the Union are ready for any dialogue, and an agreement to build the Union as a mother institution for emigrants is clearly indicated by its laws.”

“Let us forget all the differences and their causes and work in a high national spirit, for it is through such a spirit of patriotism that the nation comes alive, and through it we gain the appreciation of the peoples of the world and achieve the hopes for our motherland,” Rammal concluded.

Source: National News Agency