Will Wealth That Remains Locally, And Jobs Galore For Young People, Ensure Peace And Stability In The North?

If we want peace to prevail in the northern part of our homeland Ghana, and ensure that it continues to remain stable, we must create hope and a sense of optimism, amongst the area’s younger generations. That is vital, psychologically. The question is: What economic activity will create wealth that remains locally and generate jobs galore amongst young people in the North?

A creative way to do so will be to attract more visitors (both Ghanaian and foreign), to that very fascinating part of our homeland Ghana. Every Ghanaian who can ought to endeavor to visit the north. It is definitely worth the effort. Mole National Park, for example, is one of the world’s best elephant-viewing protected conservation areas. The question is: Could we not leverage China’s massive outbound tourism market, to unlock Mole’s green-value?

Ghana’s private-sector is well-placed to kick-start that new era of peace and optimism amongst the north’s younger generations. How? Simple. For example, could the wealthiest northerners, regardless of their ethnicity, not come together to build a palace for the Yaa Naa, which will be the most magnificent, in all of Ghana?

Ditto build a world-class museum to display artifacts from Dagbon’s past? Naturally, the design of both edifices must reflect the power and glory of that ancient monarchy that dates back to the early 15th century.

The north’s educated elites must take up the idea and work together to encourage the wealthiest business tycoons from the north to fund the construction of the aforementioned structures. That will help boost tourism in that part of our very beautiful country. Wealth that remains locally, and jobs for young people, will ensure peace and stability in the north.

Source: Modern Ghana