Will Dr. Kwabena Duffour be elected as Ghana’s next President in 2024?

There is not a single creative-thinker, and patriotic Ghanaian, who is also discerning and independent-minded, living in our homeland Ghana, today, who does not take a keen interest in politics.

Such individuals, also support the fight to make the financing of political parties less opaque, as a way of reducing high-level corruption in our country.

That is because they are clear in their minds, that shinning the spotlight on the financing of political parties, is a very effective way to help the fight to contain the baleful influence, of the powerful big-thieves-in-high-places, who initiate and dominate the state-capture wheeling-and-dealing, egregiously milking Mother Ghana dry, even as we speak.

The question to ponder over is: Why does it never occur to the membership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), that it will redound to the longterm future well-being of their party, as a reformed and transparently-funded political party, if they embraced the idea of setting up a charitable foundation, which independently and transparently resource the party’s sharp-end-membership, at the (vital-for-victory) grassroots level?

Furthermore, for the sake of the vast majority of the Ghanaian populace, has the time not now come, for former President Mahama, to help the nation that once gave him the opportunity to lead it, to return that favour? The bald fact, is that former President Mahama is a politician, who can legitimately serve only one more term, in office, as President, if elected in 2024.

It is thus in that light that one pleads with him, to announce to the world, that he will not stand in the NDC’s selection process to choose its presidential candidate, for the 2024 presidential election. He must then go on to tell the world that he will instead throw his weight behind Dr. Kwabena Duffour, to ensure that the candidate of the NDC wins that election, and is reelected in the 2028 presidential election, too.

Duffour is by far the most formidable candidate for the NDC. His rectitude, credentials and outstanding record/legacy, as the best ever finance minister that Mother Ghana has ever had, thus far, since we rid our country of its canny and ruthless British occupiers, in 1957, will make him unbeatable in the December 2024 presidential election.

That, dear reader, is the best way for former President Mahama to help both Mother Ghana, and the NDC, as an elderly statesman, who will share his rich experience with the next president of Ghana, after the December 2024 presidential election, Dr. Kwabena Duffour.

Source: Modern Ghana