Will Donald Trump Win The 2020 Presidential Election?

Donald Trump is loved by thousands of Americans, yet has his enemies, including former president Barack Obama. In the political history of America, there is no leader of the kind of Donald Trump. His ideology, philosophy, and utterance, reveal how different Trump is compared with other American presidents.

Before taking office after he won the U.S. presidential election on November 8, 2016, many Americans, including the opposition thought Trump has no chance, yet he won. Later and till now, there has been a lot of controversies surrounding his victory, claiming it was the influence of Russia which gave him that victory. Trump continues to deny it.

Like all the American leaders, some writers have written books about Trump which don’t speak well of him. The legendary American investigative journalist Bob Woodward wrote a book called Fear: Trump in the White.

The book says that US President Donald Trump demanded to kill Syrian President Bashar Assad because he treats his subordinates badly, and they consider him crazy. From the book, it seems that Trump is very poorly oriented in international politics, and his administration is not performing its functions well and is mired in internal divisions.

Woodward’s story is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with people who are directly related to the Trump presidency. Another scandalous book of journalist Michael Wolf about the first year of Donald Trump’s US presidency and his entourage Fire and Fury: at Trump’s White House, also made headlines.

Interestingly, the book went on sale, despite the warnings of lawyers Donald Trump. They sent letters to the publisher Gault, in which they demanded to refuse to publish or distribute the book in any form. In the book “Fire and Rage” journalist Michael Wolf described the most scandalous facts about President Donald Trump’s family, political environment and everyday life.

Also about his habits, fears and strange qualities, which, according to the author, obtained from reliable sources or eyewitnesses themselves. Recently, a former employee of the team of Donald Trump, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who was involved in public relations, wrote an exposing book about an eccentric politician who will soon be released to the public.

Omarosa quit last December and claims that Trump offered her a ransom for silence. Like she was offered a contract for cooperation, for which she would be paid 15 thousand dollars a month, in order to hide information that could harm Trump, his family, and Vice President Pens. However, the woman didn’t agree with Trump’s demand.

In another development, former America president, Barack Obama, also thinks Trump may lose elections in 2020, and may likely not accept defeat. Thus, when it happens, probably, they may need military intervention to remove him out of power.

Trump has been in power for several months now, yet it seems many Americans, including the opposition, underestimate him but many believe that just as he won his first term to be in office, he will once again win in 2020 because Trump is more crafty than a chameleon.

Source: Modern Ghana