Wide Gate Race: The Genesis Of Ghana’s Deep Drown!

When the trumpet is blown, the mother screams in her helpless profusely blood oozing state, the father gleefully shouts through the length and breadth of the community, and all the people join hands to celebrate the ushering of a victorious “living germ” into a great nation.

On the 8th day of the historical mark, Mama and Papa, the whole family and the entire community gather together, gleefully, cheerfully and graciously dressed in their “golden apparels”, to officially celebrate this great victory and welcome the “living germ” into the planet, earth.

The “living germ” innocently lying on her Mama’s lap, is being transmitted socially and culturally oriented symbols that signify rich priceless value of genuineness, service, patriotism, love, faithfulness, trustworthiness among others throughout his lifetime on earth.

The journey of the living germ begins at this moment, and the survival, resilience, sustainability, progress, adaptability, and productive capacity of that child is highly dependent on the living environment of the family and the community at large.

The kind of foundation laid for the child at that early stage of his life is very critical to his subsequent developmental life cycle, and it mostly serves as the “compass” to direct his living patterns.

At some point in time in the child’s life, he may realize that the type of compass he was given is extremely different from what others are holding and he finds it very laborious to direct his path in life because what he was taught in theory is not manifesting in practice terms. The living pattern of almost all the people around him is an opposite and outlier of the rich priceless values he was socialized with: he, therefore, becomes very shocked, misdirected and confused.

At the “T-Junction” of his life, he has only two option; either to follow the crowd or to reinvent a new adaptable and creative compass that will lead him to the destination he prefers.

Sometimes, his family will seize and destroy his compass, the whole community may surround him and block his direction but he gathers a new resilient momentum and strives harder until he reaches his true and victorious destination.

While he strives hard and becomes unique in that regard, most people are lured and follow the crowd to lost the path; a journey of no return.

Interestingly, only a few people vehemently stand for what’s right, assertively steer the affairs of their life patterns, put on the armour of wisdom and reason beyond the bar to achieve the crown of victory.

Whilst most people from dawn to dusk work secretly, and strive restlessly to manipulate the social structure and engineer “easier, affordable and short cut routes” to reach an appreciable affluent living standard.

Some have sold their priceless morality, political rights, creative and innovative mental endowment, irreplaceable compass and generational fortunes, to join the “no man’s land journey”.

Day in and day out, flattery traps are set to recruit more members into the “society”. Prison walls, full of an intense pool of burdens are set around those who refuse to join the group, to consistently oppress and deny them of their rights and liberties.

Gradually, they develop a web of network and ecosystem in all the social institutions of the country. Within their minds, they have the conviction that they’ve conquered every Tom, Dick and Harry, and are in a comfortable lead in life but in reality, they’re “drowning deeply” in an unending pitch and well. They’re constantly rolling on a “backward conveyor belt”, and in their blind state of eternal destruction!

It has now generated into an open race where all class of people can join; the young, old, men, women, the poor, rich, educated, uneducated, religious, non-religious, folks from villages, cities and the entire nation. They make deliberate efforts to internalize its statues and schemes, penetrate through “closed doors and unbreakable walls”, to rise as far as they could go on the social ladder, within a twinkle an of an eye.

These schemes are continuously transmitted to their children and the entire generation. As more people enter the “ship of the wide race”, the weaker it becomes, and they do not care who gets hold of the compass to direct their path. The pilot has lost his sense of duty and expertise and joined the other members in an uncontrollable enjoyment, drinking competition, merrymaking and lascivious activities. The uncontrolled “wide gate ship” begins to shake heavily, subsidies and sinks deeply into the oceans.

Life has only two paths; the narrow gate and the wide gate. It’s an indisputable fact that indeed many Ghanaians are blindly racing the wide path, which is full of evil schemes, corrupt practices, lascivious activities, flattery packaging tools, among others, that has led them into a “journey of no return”.

Sadly, most leaders have misled and misdirected Ghana to sink deeply into the oceans!

Source: Modern Ghana