Who Bugged NDC?

In the wake of the ugly leaked audio recording, an elder from Mole told me this: “Had it happened in Rawlings time that mole would’ve been pistol-whipped or crucified.”

“As for me, I disagree with the group in my party that’s passing the buck or blaming the NPP, ” the Molean said.


It was the month of February 2019. Keep in mind, it was the second month of the year– the hawks and the crocks were still at it.

It wasn’t in the middle of the night.

That would have probably given the strategists a clue, because bugs emit light at night.

But even at broad daylight something creepy would rear its ugly head.

God damnit!

How’d the gods not know or see it coming?

Where was Totobi?

Has loyalty deserted the once close-knit family?

O’ death! Death has played a key role in these mishaps.He’s taken away some of the party’s brave and cream de la creame. Those that truly upheld probity and accountability.

And not those that ran the national kitty empty.

I agreed with the Molean on that aspect. Though I disagreed with him on a wide range of issues he raised during our one-hour telephony conversation.

But definitely, not in the days of Chairman ‘Boom’ Rawlings. The Zuzu and the Zaza days. Back in the day he called the shot. He was technically the master of all that he surveyed from his North Ridge residence in ‘Apollonia’.

He babysat the NDC and literally breast-fed her.

It was Rawlings who shaped Akatamanso.

Indeed it was Papa J as some affectionately call him, who gave the NDC that air of importance and political clout.

Where was the General?

Oh, it’s believed he ( the General ) was ‘sitting his somewhere” at Gyinigyini.

I learned he was a teacher.

Rawlings drafted him into the squad and made him either a deputy or minister of Agriculture at the time.

This was long before the sharp-teeth generation was born or appeared in the political scene.

It was long before all the trees at Kumbi (the capital of the old Ghana Empire) shed their leaves when Sumanguru sneezed powerfully.

He was a ruthless tyrant, according to oral tradtions.

Certainly, it was long before chief scribeJosiah (of blessed memory) became a pariah in his own party– NDC.

There’s usually truth behind a rumour.

You know that, right?

As they say, ‘there’s no smoke without fire.

But also don’t forget, the bugs rarely cometh from outside than from within..

It’d been extremely god-awful week for the NDC. Dogged by the controversial audio tape. Slammed by their arch rivals–NPP and drilled by the paparazzi.

Since then the party’s leadership had tried to explain the seemingly scandal away but the ghost of the ugly tape doesn’t seem to go away.

At the centre of all this brouhaha is/was Elder Sammy. Sitting across the table was Alfredo (a chronicler in the mid or late 90’s). I call him pal because we both belong to the inky fraternity.

When did he become Akatamansonian?

That’s a tough one buddy. Anyway, I’ve no idea.

Elder Sammy was the convenor of the meeting that was held at the party’s headquarters.

“Kwaku, make sure, you get the rest of the piece coded ok.”

Ok, I am not going to name anymore names. Am I permitted though, to say it in Croele or Pidgin?

No, the Haitians will deploy the Zombies rightaway. I can’t stand those terrifying images. And our cousins (the Nigerians) have long claimed Pidgin as their baby. I don’t want to pay any hefty penalty. They’d charge me a billion Naira for something that would cost me nothing.

Elder Sammy,.. I’ve known him for years.

I first met him during my stint with ‘The Ghanaian Voice’. Very affable man.

He’s easy-going character too.

Unbelievably, he yielded to the foreboding pressure.He revealed in the leaked audio that some of the party members scolded him, because he’d failed or refused to let the Azorka boys face (‘boot-for-boot’) the mast-clad guys.

Howbeit, he acted on intelligence advice.The experts had warned that it would be a lost battle had they tried.

No doubt, that would have been bloody because they were unarmed, as recounted by Sammy in the audio.

“We can’t fight them with sticks and stones,” he said.

See, I’ve warned politicians many times. Beware of the Microphones!

And then came the moment!

The moment everythin’ went haywire.

Ugly words rained like brimstone.

So at what point did the Molean start to record?

“The moment I developed cold feet. I’d goose pimples or bumps all over my frame,” said the Mole man.

He said, he felt choked by the incendiary words uttered by Elder Sammy. And between country and party, he chose to serve his country.

That’s what patriots do. But it would also be viewed by some as backstabbing or betraying your own.

And the products from the covert operation would soon be aired at what the NDC terms ‘enemy’stations’.

The governing NPP wouldn’t treat it lightly.

It’d become an eye-popping issue. Yaw, the communication director of the right-wing spoke with zest and passion.

How much worse could that have been but for the Molean?

Or it wasn’t as serious as the NPP thought?

The Elder had misfired and many were amazed at his utterances.

In case you missed the background story:

After the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election violence on the 31st of January this year, the NDC leadership decided to have a meeting at the party’s headquarters in Accra.

The purpose was to strategise and fashion out ways and means to recapture power from the governing NPP in the 2020 general elections. The strategies included kidnappings, killings, harassments and making Ghana unattractive to the outside world. These threats had been captured in the leaked tape.

But that aspect of the drama has somehow, since mellowed.

Thus, whether it was going to be assassination by the bullet or by the knife: Whether it was going to be a downright kidnappings or hostage takings at gunpoint or knife-point:

And whether it was going to be maim, shame or incessant attacks…just remember “All-die-bi-die.”

The man (prez. Akufo-Addo) who was once credited with the term now says he’s ready to disband all para-militia group in Ghana. Can he really do that?

“And this time when I say ‘boof-for-boot’ (which stood for an eye for eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth in the eyes JDM) I mean ‘shine your eyes…”

Mr. Mahama has changed his stance. A few weeks ago that seemed to be his catchphrase. Glad he did it wasn’t good. Interestingly, he’s downplayed the whole secret tape issue.

This is what he told a gathering somewhere in Accra:

“This issue of a tape is just a distraction, dismiss it with the contempt it deserves.”

He didn’t end it there .Instead, he mocked the NPP.

“It’s only a government that’s too much time in its hands, because it’s not working will have time to go and bug the office of its opponents,” said president Mahama.

And this is the problem I’ve always had with politicians because they can’t speak to the truth. They see truth as “Kakamotobi’.

Well, I can’t wait to see the chickens come home to roost sooner. Unless they keep them under wraps.

So far, we know when it all happened.

How it all happened. And we’re also privy to where the bizarre incident occurred.

Per what’s unfolded over the period, it clearly appears the majority of Ghanaians don’t care about how or which method was used in the sting operation.

But what seems mysterious is the who and the why (the motive).

Contrary to the conspirators’ account, that whoever covertly did the recording must be an NPP’ s hired man, I think the umbrella family should look no further or beyond its confines.

Moreover, mobile phone (cellphone) and microphones can be activated remotely without any need of physical access.

This ‘roving bug’ feature has been used by law enforcement agencies and intelligence services to listen in a nearby conversations.

In 1988 a US court gave the FBI permit to use a similar technique against reputed former Gulfport, Mississippi cocaine dealers.

Remember, when Money and Power are at play the mind becomes restless.

Source: Modern Ghana