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White Volta Basin partners spearhead IWRM implementation Plans

Bolgatanga, The Water Resources Commission (WRC) and partners in the White Volta Basin have started the implementation of plans to improve water, enhance natural resource management and governance in the White Volta-basin.

The process follows the adoption of principles of integrated water resource management (IWRM) in the National Water Policy of Ghana.

The Kpasenkpe sub-basin, one of the basins, has local government representation, including the Nabdam District, Talensi District, Bongo District, Bolgatanga East District, Bolgatanga and Kassena Nankana Municipalities, where the Irrigation Company of Upper Region (ICOUR) is located, overseeing the Vea and Tono Irrigation Schemes in the Upper East Region.

Mr Andrew Asaviansa, the Assistant Coordinator of the White Volta Basin(WVB), said challenges such as floods, drought, erosion, pollution, inadequate WASH facilities and services in communities, schools and markets were affecting the progress and development of the Kpasenkpe sub-basin.

He said poor land management practices and siltation of rivers feeding into the Vea dam affected the quality and quantity of water, while the broken and choked canals and laterals reduced the carrying capacity of the dam due to the siltation, affecting irrigation activities in its catchment area.

“Meanwhile, water transboundary matters, especially regarding the opening of the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso during the rainy season and intensification of annual floods, that affect communities and farmers along the main White Volta River cannot be overlooked,” he added.

He said the floods usually destroyed farms, properties and sometimes caused loss of human lives and livestock.
He said key stakeholder engagements and collaborative efforts were required to make the governance and management of the natural resource more sustainable.

Mr Asaviansa said proposals based on the White Volta Basin IWRM plan through stakeholder engagements and collaboration had already triggered a response from partners and communities within the sub-basin that inured to the Bongo Reforestation project where 20 communities were provided 55,555 tree seedlings for growing and afforestation within the Vea catchment.

The funding was secured by Tree Aid, one of the major collaborators through the support of the WRC, MDAs, Traditional Leaders, and the Dutch Water Authority under the Blue Deal Project.

Other sub-basins within the White Volta are the Gambaga, Nasia, Nabogo, Sissili, Kulpawn, Mole, Middle White Volta and Lower White Volta chaired by District Assemblies.

The Catholic Relief Service (CRS), in collaboration with the Water Resources Commission, Ghana Water Company Limited, MDAs and other stakeholders, has also initiated the Tamale Water Fund in other sub-basins to address water security issues in the Tamale Metropolis and its environs within the White Volta Basin.


Source: Ghana News Agency


April 2024