Western Region GNFS launches Task Force unit

Takoradi- The Western Regional Command of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has launched a Regional Fire Task Force unit to sensitise the public, especially market women on fire safety rules to curtail fire accidents.

They will visit homes, churches and mosques to educate the public on fire prevention and safety measures during the yuletide.

The Western Regional Commander of GNFS, Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) Gaddiel Napoleon Ebonyi-Amoah launching the Task Force at the Takoradi Market Circle, said it was a necessary intervention by the service to educate the public on fire safety rules and regulations in order to prevent fire accidents before, during and after the yuletide.

He said to ensure that everyone understood the messages, all the messages were translated into Nzema, Ga, Ewe, Hausa and Fante.

The Regional Commander said during the period of merry making, it was imperative to take precautionary measures, especially at homes and markets, where much cooking was done,

“Market women may want to cook in their stalls before going home due to the rush hours Christmas usually brings, however all fires should be completely quenched after cooking”.

He also advised that cylinders should be turned off after use to prevent possible explosion.

ACO Ebonyi-Amoh urged the market women to ensure that all their electrical appliances were in good condition and to switch them off when not in use.

The Regional Commander stated that, the prevention of fire outbreaks was not the sole responsibility of the service and pleaded with the public to play their part in preventing fire outbreaks, since fire accidents could destroy lives and property.

The market Queen, Madam Nancy Efua Ntwiwah on behalf of the market women thanked the GNFS for the immense support in ensuring fire safety at the Takoradi market.

She said with the constant monitoring of their activities by the service and making sure they did the right thing, it has prevented the market from recording fire accidents over the years.

A demonstration on how to extinguish fire using the fire extinguisher and a wet blanket was exhibited to the market women who were also made to take turns in practising what they had learnt.

Source: Ghana News Agency