Western North traders ignore COVID-19 safety protocols

Sefwi-Juabeso (W/N) Some traders at traditional markets in Sefwi-Waiwso and Juabeso Districts in the Western North Region have shown total disregard for the COVID-19 safety protocols.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to the Sefwi-Asawinso and Juabeso markets and lorry stations, revealed that traders and buyers were seen going about their activities without wearing of nose masks and observing physical and social distancing.

The few persons who were seen in nose masks happened to be students of Asawinso senior high as they were in their school uniforms.

There were no Veronica buckets and other preventive equipment at the Sefwi-Asawinso lorry station and the market as was the case some months back.

The situation was not different at the Juabeso market as traders were seen crowded at the marketplace without any form of social distancing, with about 99 percent of the people present not in nose masks.

When the traders were asked why they were not in nose masks and not observing physical distancing as well as not implementing the safety protocols,

Some of them said the virus was not real but only a ploy by authorities to misuse State funds.

Others complained about the high cost of nose masks, as one disposable mask was being sold for Gh2.50 in the area which they stressed was too much for them to bear.

Mr Mohammed Yusif,a second hand clothes seller said he heard on a local radio station that the Sefwi-Waiwso and Aowin Municipalities of the Region have recorded five and four cases of COVID-19 respectively and called on the government to intensify education on COVID-19 safety protocols.

He in this regard tasked the security agencies to deal with persons who would flout the COVID-19 safety protocols, especially not wearing of nose masks.

The Ghana News Agency observed that drinking spots, restaurants and chop bars, over the counter medical shops and other public places that hitterto had Veronica buckets filled with water at vintage points no longer have them making hand washing difficult.

Source: Ghana News Agency