Scores of commuters on the Adentan to Dodowa road on Monday said the terrific traffic cramming is gradually having an effect on their health and called on the government to intervene to save them.

The Traffic problem is having adverse health consequences on most residents and regular commuters as the daily exposure to traffic noise has scientifically proven to increase the risk for heart-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, and heart attacks the residents complained to the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) at Adentan in an interview.

Some of the residents and commuters said traffic noise and traffic-related air pollutants from road transport vehicles have harmful impacts on public health.

Also, traffic noise can induce adverse effects on the nervous system, leading to the increasing levels of anxiety, irritation, and sleeplessness, Miss Rhodalyne Adjo Mawuli, a student who is a commuter stated in an interview stressing that to beat the traffic you must leave home very early in the morning and return very late, “you cannot have enough sleep which affects one’s health.

“The government should please come to our aid because this is causing a lot of problems for those who stay here. Imagine getting to the junction as early as 06:00 hours and getting to work in Accra around 09:30 hours. Please come to our aid.”

Other residents said apart from the health concern, they appealed to the government to address the architectural defects which is a major contributor to the traffic, “if we solve the traffic problem the associated health problem would be resolved,” Mr. Benjamin Bright Otoo, a resident of Oyibi who is a regular commuter, stated in an interview.

He explained that the traffic congestion on the road is a major issue that is counter-productive to business growth, “as a worker by the time you get to the office you are already tired as you stay long hours in traffic along the Adenta Dodowa road”.

According to other residents, traffic on the road is horrendous and very hectic during the day and night as result commuters have to spend long hours sitting in a vehicle or driving, particularly late at night after a long day at work.

Mr Otoo noted that the migration of people to settle in the Adenta-Dodowa stretch is on the increase, people are moving to the area due to lower rents, and families are also developing residential properties, and the area’s population is growing”.

Mr. Otoo also added that since there is an increase in population, measures must be put in place to reduce traffic; “as the population is increasing, it is expected that measures are put in place to curb the traffic problem. Little or nothing is being done by the rightful authorities”.

According to Mr. Robert Azanku, an Amanfro resident, also expressed displeasure describing the Adantan to Dodowa road as a major link connecting Accra to the Eastern and Volta Regions, and that commercial vehicles (trotro) ply the road to Ashiaman through the Katamanso stretch.

“I am pleading with the appropriate authorities to assist in the reconstruction of the road, as a dual carriage incoming and outgoing with an island, giving priority to those in the inner lanes and space for commercial drivers (trotros) to use without causing traffic. This will greatly reduce traffic,” Mr. Azanku suggested.

Mr. Akwesi Boadi (Bonfire), a commercial bus driver, who plies Rowi to Amarhia toll booth said “in this era of high fuel cost, traffic is a major problem drivers are facing, we are suffering,” stressing you buy fuel and burn all in traffic, “we beg the government to do something about it”.

Mr. Boadi added that daily commuters on the road are stressed-up due to traffic which contributes to weariness and raises the chance of a car accident.

Source: Modern Ghana

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