We Must Not Allow Faceless Cowards To Get Away With Murdering Journalists In Ghana

The murder of the young Ghanaian investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, shows just how far the ruthless and super-greedy oligarchs, whose baleful influence has enabled them dominate our country for decades – regardless of the party in power – are prepared to go, to silence those who they think pose a real threat to them in Ghanaian society. May the brave Ahmed’s soul rest in peace. And may his murder be avenged swiftly.

This blog’s humble advice to Tiger Eye Private Investigators, is that they should contact London’s Forensic rchitecture, quickly, to help reveal the identities of the two suspects-on-a-motorbike, who are alleged to have killed Ahmed. That is the surest way to help speed up investigations by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service into Ahmed’s murder.

Since they apparently killed considerable time, in a betting shop during daylight hours, before murdering Ahmed at night on the day of his killing, coordinates of the betting shop will help Forensic Architecture and its technical partners to use satellite images of the area, to enable them get composite pictures of the faces of the two alleged murderes put together – and subsequently published in the Ghanaian media by the CID investigative team assigned to the case.

By working together with their foreign media partners such as Al Jazeera, to collaborate with Forensic Architecture, Tiger Eye Private Investigators can help bring those behind the cowardly killing of Ahmed Hussein-Suale to book quickly – and get justice for his traumatised family members that way. We must not allow those faceless cowards who target individual journalists and instigate their killing – to ensure that the nefarious activities of our vampire-elites are not revealed to the nation – to get away with such heinous and abominable crimes. Haaba.

Source: Modern Ghana