Water for Rural Africa supports water project at Ave Posmonu

Ave Posmonu (V/R)- Water for Rural Africa (WRA), a non-Governmental Organisation is supporting the community of Posmonu in the Akatsi North District with a fully mechanised water system.

The project, when completed will augment a borehole donated years ago by a Christian missionary to end potable water scarcity and its effect on the livelihoods of the people in the community.

Dr Donald Cog Agumenu, President of WRA, at the sod cutting ceremony for the project on Tuesday said water was a crucial commodity whose demand outstripped supply, and must therefore not be compromised or used as a political tramp card.

Water must reach every community and home, he said, and reaffirmed his commitment to bringing water relief to deprived communities beyond Ghana.

DrAgumenu said NGOs held the vital role of supporting government to bridge the development gap, and called on members of the community to further support the project for speedy implementation.

He mentioned the global risk of water shortage, and noted that inaccessible roads could most often be traced as a major hurdle to the localisation of development programme.

The community, collectively agreed to invest proceeds realised from its annual festival in the project, and won the support of WRA which is footing majority of the GHC 30,000 project.

It will feature a standpipe fed by a tank mounted on a six metre tower, and is expected to be completed in two weeks, and bring to an end, long treks to Agormor and Kpetoe for potable water.

TogbuiAvoryi III, Chief of Posmonu thanked the people for their contributions towards the project, and called on them to imbibe the spirit of commitment, and hard work to realise the many projects the community had earmarked.

WRA has provided about 17 boreholes in the Akatsi Districts alone.

Source: Ghana News Agency