Wa Municipal is peaceful and favourable for business – MCE

Wa (U/W)� The Wa Municipal Assembly has held its Second Ordinary Meeting to deliberate on matters concerning peace, security and socio-economic development aiming to woo investors and improve living conditions of the people.

The Assembly’s mission is to improve quality of life through harnessing human and material resources for the provision of physical infrastructure as well as social and economic services to the people.

Speaking during the general assembly session, the Municipal Chief Executive, Alhaji Tahiru Issahaku Moomin, told assembly members that the Municipality had been enjoying stability and relative peace due to the collective watchfulness of citizens with ample support from security agencies.

The Municipality remains peacefulthis was due to our collective vigilance, supported by the security agencies, he said.

He said the assembly has initiated the procurement processes for the award of a contract for the rehabilitation of a structure for use as police post at Charia in the Municipality.

Although the municipality has a peaceful atmosphere, he said, establishment of a police post at the local community would help prevent and fight armed robbery and other related crimes as some communities recorded pockets of upheavals and litigations.

He advised that people should often endeavour to cross-check facts with relevant stakeholders about activities of the Assembly, but not to peddle untruthful information that discredit the image of the Municipality.

He also urged the assembly members to be hardworking in order to bring development to the area.

He said education is the pillar around which the Region’s human resource revolves, and also a powerful tool that could break the cycle of poverty and injustice.

There is the need to consciously develop strategies and make intervention to raise the quality of education by emphasizing its relevance and improving access, Alhaji Moomin said.

As an Assembly, we are committed to ensuring that quality and accessible education is available to all children of school going age in the Municipality, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency