Voltic trains women on hygiene and safety at work

Accra Voltic Ghana Limited, franchisor of Cool Pac Sachet Water, has organised a maiden workshop on health, safety, and pensions for 50 women drawn from their Cool Pac Factory, in Accra.

The workshop was aimed at giving the women training on general hygiene, in addition to health and safety at work, as well as providing them education on the Voluntary Personal Pension under Tier III of the Pension Scheme.

It was also to acknowledge their contribution to the business, equip them with the skills needed to work optimally while at the same time reinforcing the Cool Pac quality offering.

The women were also armed with skills that would drive accelerated gender parity and keep them financially and socially empowered and stable.

Dr Obed Asare-Bediako from the Hematology and Oncology Unit, 37 Military Hospital, enlightened the women on Cervical and Breast cancers as well as sickle cell.

He said breast and cervical cancers were on the increase in recent times, affecting most young women, and refuted misconceptions that the disease was predominant among older persons.

He said every woman must develop the habit of self-regular breast check five to seven days after menstruation, adding that this could help detect breast changes for early medical attention.

If you detect any abnormality in your breast, for instance change in colour of breast, redness of the nipple, and a boil around the breast, among others, seek immediate medical attention to prevent the spread of the cancer, if any.

On Cervical Cancer, Dr Asare-Bediako said it was a preventable disease caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, normally carried by men, transmitted to women through sex.

He noted that bleeding in between menstruation and pain after sex, were some signs of cervical cancer adding that screening, vaccination, sticking to one partner, and having protected sex were some measures of preventing it.

Sickle Cell as well is preventable, by ensuring that you know your sickle cell status before marriage.

Dr Asare-Bediako urged the women not to be afraid to seek medical help on health problems because early detection could prevent serious complications in the future.

Mr Hamid Monnie, the Quality Control Officer, Voltic Ghana, talking on personal and environmental hygiene and food safety, said micro-organisms, which multiplied quickly, caused lots of infection and communicable diseases if not managed properly.

He said developing good personal hygiene and environmental hygiene as workers and managers of water was very key, saying safety must be ensured from the first stage of production through to packaging, distribution and consumption.

If all these were ensured it would make our brand stand out to be the best and preferred choice, thereby increasing income generation.

The women were also educated on the Voluntary Personal Pension under Tier Three of the Pension Scheme and urged them to take advantage of the Scheme to be able to secure their own future and pension.

Source: Ghana News Agency