Vice President Opens ICT Expo 2015

The Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, yesterday, opened a three-day African Mobile and Information Communication Technology Expo 2015 in Accra with a call on Ghanaians to utilize all benefits mobile phones offer.

He said, “the mobile device has transformed our relationships with family, spouses, friends and businesses. In Ghana today, mobile voice penetration has peaked at over 110% which means on the average, there are more mobile phones in the country as compared to the human population with a combined subscribership of 31,154,420 as at end of March, 2015.”

The Vice President added that, “one of the newly disruptive applications from the world of mobile technology has been the introduction of Mobile Money Services to the Ghana market. This allows for the easy transfer of money by millions of Ghanaians. People are able to send and receive money across Ghana conveniently through Mobile Money transfers from their Mobile Money Accounts or by Token and Codes. Students are able to pay their fees with ease and workers are able to remit money to their parents in the countryside with much convenience.

“The Mobile Device has been a useful tool for promoting health education among people globally. I am happy to note that in Ghana, people are able to conveniently watch their TeleNurse Programme or other health education videos online, using their smart mobile devices as well as their Mobile TVs. I am aware that people are able to receive medical counseling on their mobile phones or via sms platforms in Ghana. These initiatives eventually influence our people to adopt healthy lifestyles and habits, which in turn promote a healthy society,” Mr Amissah-Arthur added.”

Source: Government of Ghana.