Veterans Administration launches 2018 Poppy Appeal

Accra,- The Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG) has launched the 2018 Poppy Appeal to raise funds for the celebration of veterans for their key roles on November 11.

The annual event is celebrated to raise funds to support the ex-service personnel and those who helped ensure world peace.

Mrs Akosua Frema, the Chief of Staff at the Jubilee House of Ghana, who launched the 2018 Poppy Appeal, urged the leadership of VAG to look beyond the Poppy Appeal to interactions with corporate bodies for more funds to be raised for the cause.

She said the Military Band Concert is an instance of an enviable military tradition which is used to launch the Poppy Appeal for funds annually.

Mrs Frema said the name ‘Poppy’ was adopted in remembrance of the heroic examples exhibited by gallant Ghanaians then serving in the West Africa Volunteer Force who went through various places including Burma and East Africa during the World War I and II.

She said their courage has contributed to the current relatively free and safer world dominated by the practice of democracy, free expression and respect for human rights.

Mrs Frema said though majority of the heroes have died, the remaining are well advanced in age, hence the need for urgent assistance.

She said the concept veterans for us, goes beyond the World War Veterans because it includes the post-independence veterans and the ex-service men and women who sacrificed their lives to help bring peace.

Mrs Frema urged VAG asdministrators, tasked to see to the welfare needs of the veterans, to intensify efforts in educating Ghanaians on the need to appreciate the achievements of our ex-service personnel saying they deserve to be treated with honour.

Captain Ben Edmund Duah (rtd), the Executive Director of VAG, said membership of the association was more than 19,000 including 121 World War II veterans and military widows.

He said the administration operates with 10 regions, 110 districts with three meeting legions.

Captain Duah (rtd) said monies realised from the Poppy Appeal would help the administration to carry out its mandate of ensuring the welfare of veterans in the country.

The Military Band Concert was used to entertain veterans and other dignitaries present at the event.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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