Using text messages to call adzan not feasible – Sheihk Amen

Accra Sheikh Dr Amen Bonsu, National Chairman, Ghana Muslim Mission, has stated that using of text messages and Whatsapp in calling Muslims to prayer (adzan), was not feasible.

He said the adzan as it was meant to be, should be loud enough to alert Muslims far and near, that the time for a particular prayer was near and as such can never be done through text messaging or whatsapp.

The adzan forms a significant part of prayers by Muslims, and there is no way that could be changed.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, in Accra, he said the adzan as called by Muslims had so many importance, as Allah through his companions and prophets ordered Muslims to do so, whenever the time for prayer was due.

Sheikh Bonsu said the Holy Quran in chapters 52 verse 9 to 11, 41 verse 34, and 5 verse 58 categorically stated that whenever the time for prayer was due, the adzan be called to bring Muslims to worship their maker.

As every human being communicates his desires for whatever he wants, so does, Allah approve that when it’s time for prayers the adzan be called for his servants to come and worship Him.

Allah therefore appreciates it, and has recommended that we do it, to the extent that the prophet Mohammed (SAW) said even when you are alone, where ever you are you should call the Adzan.

Sheihk Bonsu also noted that socially the adzan also brought togetherness and united Muslims as people were called together to worship their Lord.

Also some non- Muslims in villages or remote areas normally depend on the call of the Adzan to check the time.

The text messaging also goes with cost and not everybody can afford it. The phone may also be on silence and one may not notice it when a message is sent.

Scientifically he said using text messages and Whatsapp was not even good compared to the voice. The radiation and health hazards with the phone were even more dangerous than the sound, he added.

Over the years even in Accra when there is a ban on drumming and noise making every year the adzan is left out because it’s just for a short period.

He appealed to all Muslims to remain calm as steps were being taken to explain the importance and significance of calling the adzan to the Minister and that nobody should take advantage of the situation to cause any chaos in the society.

The Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovations, Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng on April 10 allegedly proposed the use of mobile applications like text messages and WhatsApp in calling Muslims to prayer.

Source: Ghana News Agency