US Embassy marks World Clean-Up Day with beach cleaning

Accra- The United States (US) Embassy in Ghana on Saturday embarked on clean-up exercises at the Afia Beach in Accra to help reduce garbage at the shore and ensure its beautification.

This, according to Mr Christopher Lamora, the Acting US Ambassador to Ghana was masterminded by the US Green Team to ensure continuity, beautification of the environment and the protection of marine life.

MrLamora acknowledged the support of some Ghanaians who were present at the clean-up exercise saying, This is organized annually to mark the world clean-up day and some Ghanaians were here to offer their support because it involves team work and dedication”.

He commended the Mayor of Accra, Mr Mohammed AdjeiSowah for his dedication towards sanitation in the country, saying The US embassy met with the Accra Mayor last week to discuss the possibility of marking this day and he is someone I know to be dedicated and committed towards the beautification of the environment and sanitation.

He said, the environment would only be protected if Ghanaians showed more dedication in a plethora of the clean-up exercises organised in the country and avoid throwing garbage in the sea because it endangers the marine life.

Madam Sarah Stayet, the Coordinator for the US Embassy Green Team said, ‘Let’s do it Ghana’, US Embassy Green Team, some Canadians and Norwegians assisted to make the World clean-up day successful as the exercise were replicated in over 40 locations in the country.

She added that the Green Team had shown dedication and commitment in bid to ensure that both the environment and marine life were sheltered.

Madam Stayet said: We, the US Embassy Green Team took this initiative to create awareness about the need keep the environment neat.

We went to Mamobi (a suburb in Accra) in July for a clean�up exercise and we are hoping this will entice Ghanaians to engage themselves more in next year’s clean-up exercise, she added.

Ms Ellen LindsleyAwuku, the Interim Coordinator for the Young Reporters of the Environment said, the YRE is an organisation under the Foundation for Environmental Education Global, which aims at empowering young people to scout and report on environmental issues in a form of articles, videos, and pictures to create awareness about the environment and its state.

Source: Ghana News Agency