Upper West Akim Assembly unsuccessful again to elect Presiding Member

Adeiso (E/R) – The Upper West Akim District Assembly has failed again to elect a Presiding Member (PM) after two rounds of voting in a special election held at the premises of the assembly at Adeiso.

The election was held between Mr. Eric Kwesi Mensah Assembly man for Danso Electoral Area the former PM and Mr. Samuel Atitiso Sikayena Assembly Man for Roman Ridge Electoral Area.

The two contested the seat two weeks ago at a swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected assembly members but none could attain the two-thirds majority, needed as per the Standing Orders of the Assemblies.

At the first round of voting, Mr. Sikayena had 16 votes and Mr. Mensah obtained 22 votes, and in the second round the former had 17votes and Mr. Mensah had 21 votes.

The two contestants again did not secure the two-thirds of the 40-member Assembly, which needed 27 votes for the position.

The election had been suspended until further notice to enable the members to have broader consultations among themselves to elect a PM to administer the affairs of the assembly.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Derick Oheneba Bekoe, Member of Parliament for the area expressed worry that after two consecutive days the Assembly Members failed to elect a PM.

Mr. Aaron Otoo, Upper West Akim District Assembly Coordinating Director appealed to the assembly to soberly reflect on the problems and burdens the assembly will face without a PM and make sure that the assembly had one in the next election.

Source: Ghana News Agency