UNIFIL’S Ghanaian Peacekeepers celebrate Independence Day

Accra- Ghanaian peacekeepers serving with UNIFIL has celebrated the 61st Independence Day, by organizing a series of events, on March 6, in the Ghanaian Battalion (GHANBATT) Headquarters in Al-Qawzah and the Mission Headquarters in Naqoura.

In the GHANBATT Headquarters, the peacekeepers held a flag raising ceremony, displayed cultural items and organized a photo exhibition. In Naqoura, they organized a traditional food bazaar. The peacekeepers used the day to showcase their rich traditions, culture and cuisine.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Friday said several UNIFIL peacekeepers as well as local dignitaries, including mayors, attended the events.

The statement said UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Michael Beary, attended the food and musical event at the Erskine House, Naqoura, while UNIFIL’s Sector West Commander Brigadier General Rodolfo Sganga graced the flag raising ceremony in Al-Qawzah.

Major General Beary hailed Ghana’s contribution of 131 female peacekeepers to UNIFIL, the highest among the Mission’s 41 troop-contributing countries (TCCs). As one of the largest TCCs, Ghana accounts for about 870 of UNIFIL’s 10,500 peacekeepers.

In marking an open day, on March 7, Ghanaian peacekeepers opened doors of their military posts to young students from UNIFIL’s area of operation as a way of strengthening its ties and relationship with the local population. Students were given the opportunity to see military vehicles and other equipment used in conducting its operational activities.

On March 6, 1957, the West African nation of Ghana gained independence from British rule.

Currently, Ghana is the 10th largest contributor of troops to UN Peacekeeping operations worldwide. UNIFIL’s first Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Emmanuel Erskine was also from Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency