UDS students assault UTV journalists

Nyankpala (N/R), The President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Nyankpala Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) on Saturday attacked a UTV crew, damaged a motorbike of the crew and seized their camera’s tripod.

Sediq Kilwa, the SRC President of UDS Nyankpala Campus, supported by the University’s cadet corps and other SRC executives, also verbally assaulted the UTV crew and other journalists, who were on the campus on an official assignment.

The UTV crew, including journalists from other media houses in the Northern Region, was officially invited by the authorities of the UDS to provide media coverage for the University’s 26th matriculation ceremony.

Sediq Kilwa and his student friends accused the UTV crew of reporting a news story on the television network during the week, which suggested that the SRC organized a sex party for fresh students, a report, which the students said was untrue and damaged the image of the University.

Sediq Kilwa refused to listen to explanations from other journalists on how to react to news stories deemed to be false and went on to launch the attack on the UTV crew.

He also ignored some of the senior administrators of the University, who tried to calm him down for the matter to be handled by appropriate authorities.

The incident took place shortly after the matriculation ceremony, where Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye, Vice-Chancellor of UDS, warned students against unruly behaviour to avoid sanctions.

The UTV crew, led by Mr Abdul Washeed, reported the incident to the Lamashegu Divisional Police Command in Tamale, who have begun investigations into the incident.

Source: Ghana News Agency