UCC holds 10th white coat ceremony for 70 medical students

Cape Coast- The University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences (UCCSMS), on Thursday held its 10th white Coat Ceremony to mark the transition of 74 level-400 clinical students from pre-clinical studies to clinical.

The ceremony, which involved 40 and 30 males and females, is a ritual that involves a formal robing of students in a doctor’s traditional wear, the white coat.

The students received thunderous applauds and cheers from their parents, friends and relatives as they donned the white coat and took the medical oath to abide by the ethics of the medical profession.

The oath read in part I will practice to the highest standards of conduct by doing what is best for my patients and allowing neither greed nor stinginess nor desire for great reputation to corrupt me.

“I will cultivate the virtues of integrity, honesty, compassion, courage, respect and self-sacrifice in myself and colleagues. Be compassionate and never see in the patient anything less than a fellow creature in pain.”

Addressing the students and parents, Dr Kwasi Atikpui Eli, the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council, counseled the medical students to exhibit high level of humility and respect for humanity in the discharge of their duties.

This is the greatest asset, he said, to have an impactful and successful career that would serve as an emulation to the younger generation and the world at large.

The wearing of the white coat, he said, “symbolize great responsibility to humanity and also to remind them of the enormity of the challenges and task ahead of them to prepare adequately to face it.

He said: You must accept that the wearing of the white coat is a symbol of dedication to duty and a position of task and you must desist from engaging in unlawful and indecent acts that will tarnish your hard won reputation of family, profession and the nation at large.

He advised the medical students to develop excellent interpersonal communication skills and working relationship with other staff to enable them work in unity to achieve the target goals of enhancing the health of all humanity.

Dr Atikpui Eli commended the University for maintaining its enviable high academic standards of training medical students who were excelling all over the world and urged UCC to jealously guard it to maintain integrity and professionalism.

The UCC is the only medical school in the country which performs the White Coat ceremony and should be proud of it, he said, and urged parents to continually counsel and support their wards both emotionally and physically to avoid the excesses associated with youthful exuberance.

Professor Paul Kwame Nyame, Chairman, Ghana Medical and Dental Council, congratulated the students, parents and the institution for their commitment to give unrivaled attention to quality education.

The students must bring to the task the love of labour, perseverance and be uncompromising in the respect for all.

They should respect the hierarchy of the system especially their colleagues and other health workers and patients; cultivate the habit of a clean appearance to inspire confidence,” he said.

Professor Nyame said there is the need to sustain a continuous consultation between the Council and UCC especially concerning its new programmes and its affiliate institutions.

Professor Dora Francisca Edu-Buandoh, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UCC, reminded the students on the need to obey the rules, regulation and ethics of the profession in order not to derail their determination to save lives.

They should let patience be their greatest virtue and guard their utterances especially with all patients and continually pursue diligence to the zenith of their carriers.

Source: Ghana News Agency