Turret Bearing Issue Resolved On Jubilee Oil Field – Tullow

The Group Chief Executive of Tullow, Paul MacDade, has indicated that the challenges which halted oil production on the Jubilee Oil Field has been resolved and operations are back to normal.

Operators of the Jubilee Field recently announced a temporary shutdown to take care of some challenges with the turret bearing system and other issues concerned with the efficient production of oil on that field.

The turret bearing system is designed to support the turret, transmitting mooring forces to the vessel.

However, speaking in an interview with Joy Business News, the Group CEO of Tallow indicated that the challenges were over and the turret bearing system was now safe.

The Challenges we had in Jubilee, we closed the page and now Jubilee is up and running. The turret bearing is safe, it is stabilized and back to normal operations on Jubilee, he indicated.

The turret bearing which is used to extract the oil from the seabed had been under maintenance, necessitating a halt in oil production on the Jubilee Field.

This brought a lot of anxiety into the sector and the economy since it had an impact on oil production, tax collection and power production in the country. It led many to demand for more answers concerning the efficient operation of the field.

Mr. Paul MacDade, explained that the recent shutdown is one the routine shutdowns carried out periodically to ensure that operation and production of oil on the field are safe and sound.

What you should be aware of is that the recent shut down in TEIN was a planned shutdown. It was a maintenance shutdown we do roughly every two years we shut the facility down for ten days to safely check the maintenance. What we do is this that every couple of years we shut the facility down for maintenance, he explained.

Source: Modern Ghana