Tullow Ghana holds maiden STEM Share Fair

Accra- Tullow Ghana Limited (TGL) has held its maiden Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Share Fair to showcase programmes, activities and successes achieved over the years under its STEM initiatives.

The company, which is Africa’s leading independent oil and gas company, had been pursuing STEM initiatives since 2016 with the prime objective of building capacity and skills acquisition in STEM for the basic and the tertiary levels.

Mr Fiifi Enchil, the Social Performance Manager at TGL, in an interview, said the Fair was aimed at bringing together key partners in the oil and gas sector to share with them what Tullow Ghana had been doing.

He said as an oil and gas company, a large number of staff came from the STEM education and hence the focus on equipping young people in the country.

Mr Enchil said all developed Asian countries attained their successes on the background of STEM, adding that the Company was with the view that there was the need to pay critical attention to STEM education to support the development of Ghana.

He said the country’s education system was so skewed towards the Arts, hence the urgent need to bridge the gap to enable more Ghanaians get into engineering and science education.

This, he said, would help increase the number of innovations and other interventions that could help the country to develop.

Mr Enchil said as they supported more Ghanaians to become engineers, it would help TGL to enrich its local content needs, ensuring that more nationals played relevant roles in the oil and gas sector.

He said Tullow Ghana, for the past 10 years, had committed 32million dollars to various initiatives, adding that the Company was willing to even commit more to the success of initiatives.

Madam Dzifa Bampoh, the Head of Communications at TGL, said the STEM Share among other reasons sought to build and improve synergies to provide opportunities for deepening some of the existing interventions.

She said the purpose for pursing STEM initiatives was to revive Tullow’s commitment to the significance of programmes under the STEM initiatives in alignment with the oil and gas industry.

The Fair brought together all of Tullow’s STEM project implementers based in Accra and Takoradi in Greater Accra and Western Regions respectively who partner Tullow to share ongoing projects with internal and external stakeholders.

The implementers who presented various STEM interventions were Sabre Education, the Youth Bridge Foundation, Africa Science Academy Right to Dream and Field Ready.

Sabre Education is focused on supporting early childhood education with the notion that Kindergartens (KG) are the foundation of STEM strategy providing heads-on learning, which is the basis for teaching and learning science.

The KG programme has so far admitted and trained 7,220 children, trained 120 KG teachers and head teachers aside the construction of 10KG in fishing communities.

Youth Bridge Foundation had been nurturing the interest of school pupils in science at the basic level after leaving kindergarten.

Tullow Ghana provides STEM scholarships for students at Right to Dream Academy, which had been building capacity of young people to take up careers in engineering.

Tullow Ghana also gives STEM scholarships to brilliant but needy girls at the Africa Science Academy aimed at training girls to take up carriers in STEM.

Field Ready had been preparing young graduates, who studied STEM by building their capacity to become more industry.

Source: Ghana News Agency