Top boxing pundit backs referee Bertin

Accra� Mr. Mohammed Amin Lamptey, a top boxing pundit and a ring announcer, has backed the decision of Beninnoise referee Adorn Bertin, for hurriedly waving off the fight between Isaac Sackey and Wasiru Mohamed, in the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa Super Bantamweight fight last Saturday.

Referee Bertin stopped the fight in round three, after Mohamed delivered a hefty hook on the left jaw of Sackey, which sent him straight onto the canvas.

Though Sackey, within seconds lifted himself from the canvas, the referee waived off the fight signifying victory for Mohamed and this attracted the fury of the fans of the former.

It was chaotic at the Bukom Boxing Arena, with supporters of both camps trading punches, hitting each other with chairs and engaging in fisticuffs, leading to the inability on the referee to the official declaration of the champion.

According to Mr. Amin Lamptey, the decision of the referee did not in any contradict the rules saying referees have the power to use their discretion in such circumstances.

In arriving at such a crucial decision, the referee looks at your eyes and physical condition and I’m sure he being the closest person realised Sackey was not good enough to continue the fight.

This is not the first time a referee has taken such a decision in boxing. It happens all the time. There have been circumstances, where there were no mandatory counts.

The referees used their discretion all the time. This is because they also have the mandate to protect the life of boxers. They cannot allow boxers to be beaten to pulp in the ring when they can easily save them, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency