Today NDC and ‘Peace loving Ghanaians’ take to the streets

What do the NDC want justice and when do they want it now.

At Obra spot, Kwame Nkrumah circle they will start the march to ” oppose oppressors rule with all their might” in an aim to keep Ghana a peaceful country.

They fear that some in the NPP will deploy the same ‘thugs’ ( Bernard Monah, covener of demonstration) who were violent towards innocent citizens at the Ayawaso West by election last Thursday. And will only recognise the police as security on the day, will “effect citizens arrest” (Bernard Monah, covener of demonstration) to all trouble makers of “state funded terrorist groups” ( Bernard Monah, covener of demonstration) and hand them over to the law enforcement authorities.

The inter party coalition for state sovereignty say they will not let Ghana descend into a country ruled by violence. Therefore the defenders of our freedom and justice will not be silenced. They have been backed by former president John Dramani Mahama who is now their social media promoter. He has backed them on Facebook and twitter, and seems to be one of the few politicians using this tool to call Ghanaians to join the protest.

Today we will see:

1. If the NDC’s predictions are correct ? Will there be violence initiated by the NPP ?

2. What the result of this demonstration will bring ?

3. If there is insecurity in Ghana ?

4. What Ghana will do to rectify the political bad blood that is ensuing between NPP and NDC?

Ghana and the world are watching. If Nana Akuffo Addo does not handle this problem, and the NDC and NPP cannot find common ground. Akuffo Addo will go down as the president who allowed the African beacon, celebrated for its love of peace, to descend into violence in the name of politics. If Akuffo Addo cannot discipline his party members like Kennedy Agyapong, who actively promote violence and Henry Nana B, the lawyer and chief commander of the NPP youth wing (who can turn violent and then brush it off with an apology). He cannot maintain he stands for peace.

Source: Modern Ghana