Tobinco Group embarks on health walk exercise

Accra, Staff of the Tobinco Group of Companies have embarked on a health walk exercise to release stress from work related activities and also enhance their health as a way of celebrating the Workers’ Day.

The eight kilometre exercise was undertaken by staff of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited (TPL), Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre, Atinka Media Village, ABii National Savings and Loans, Priority Insurance, Samuel Amo Tobbin Foundation, Toblues Properties and Dor Event was to climb the Aburi Mountain to Aburi and back to Accra.

Mr Ben Kpabi Tetteh, Head of Marketing, Business and Communication of TPL in an interview with the GNA explained that it was necessary to mobilise the staff to undertake the exercise because of busy working hours which could bring stress to the staff.

Looking at how excited the staff were with the exercise, we are sure it will help them to deliver because they have been strengthened and energised through this exercise.

He urged the general public to be serious with exercising to certain preventable illnesses, adding that it was better to exercise and prevent diseases than to wait and fall sick before undertaking an exercise.

Dr Dennis Bortey, Principal Medical Officer of Adabraka polyclinic who engaged in a health talk with the staff asked the public to control their weight by checking their diet with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Some of us sometimes say that weight or obesity is in my family therefore no matter what I do, I will be gaining weight overtime and therefore overlook it when they become oversized which shouldn’t be so, he said.

He noted that exercising was a good way of controlling one’s blood pressure because lack of exercise may not let blood flow well into the heart and other parts of the body.

Dr Bortey urged the public to check their sugar and cholesterol intake and take in lots of water, adding that the liver, and other parts of the body produced their own cholesterol and therefore adding more of animal cholesterol through intake of meat and other products was unhelpful to the body.

He stressed that pant cell produced cellulose which was better than what was gotten from the animal cell, hence the need to take in more fruits and vegetables.

Building muscles through exercising help to control our levels of sugar in the body and foods like salmon is the healthiest fish with omega 3 which is good for the heart, he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency