Tithing is not an imposition – Rev Akolbugri

Wa- Churches and religious leaders have been advised not to impose tithe payment on their members but help them to understand that it is a biblical responsibility that comes with multiple blessings.

Rev. Robert Kwasi Akolbugri, the Head Pastor of Revival Assemblies of God Church in Wa, who gave the advice ahead of this year’s Easter gathering in the Upper West Regional capital, Wa, said: tithe is not a mandate, it is not someone’s ideology but scriptural.

Tithe has been defined as one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.

Rev. Akolbugri quoted several books from the Holy Bible including Malachi and Leviticus to support the case that tithe is a biblical responsibility that was even endorsed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said the decision to pay the one tenth of one’s earnings was a personal one that should come from believers but not a judgment or decision that should be made by pastors or a church.

Rev. Akolbugri said it was equally not a religious doctrine or religious fulfilment, adding: It is not the pastor’s prescription; tithing is a covenant, an avenue to tap into supernatural abundance.

He advised believers that payment of tithe has so many benefits and brings about abundant blessings as well as establishes strong bond between man and his creator.

Many think believers in Christ should tithe while others are equally convinced tithing is not required for believers.

Source: Ghana News Agency