The Return Of DUMSOR, The Bizarre Situation Of Wiamoase

Dumsor is derived from two separate words from Ashanti Twi, the Akuapem Twi or Fante dialects of the Akan language: DUM (to turn off or quench) and SOR (to turn on or to kindle). So the term has roughly translated as “off and on”.The term has also recently evolved into DUMDUM (off and off), due to the increase in the intensity of the power outages.

With all the negative effects Dumsor came within 2001 and 2012-2016 ( for example ISSER in a report stated that Ghana lost about 1billion dollars in 2014 alone because of DUMSOR, also a woman in labour at Bawku Presbyterian hospital who gave birth and was on oxygen lost both her life and that of the unborn baby after power supply went off in February 2016), the previous government led by his Excellency the former president promised and did end DUMSOR in 2016.

It is worth noting that Ghanaians are beginning to experience another wave of Dumsor or load shedding whose schedule is not published as was the norm.

Ghana’s Parliament is even divided on how to call it, this ushered in the term Dumsaa supposedly, the superlative form of Dumsor.

While officials of Ghana’s energy sector regulators are claiming that Dumsaa is due to transmission failures, sector analysts believe Dumsaa is a matter of gross corporate liquidity mismanagement. With illustrious sons and daughters like the current chief of staff, Hon. Frema Opare, business moguls, Dr. Kwame Osei Despite, actor and comedian, Agya Koo, etc.

The situation of Wiamoase is even bizarre, the erratic power supply is worst than power supply experienced in neighbouring country Nigeria, as inhabitants would put it, which make them wonder if they are really part of Ghana.

Dumsor occurs every day in Wiamoase since the beginning of the year and can take close to 12 hours before the lights are back. The unannounced Dumsor in Wiamoase has led to electronic equipment avoidably damaged, refrigerated food regularly spoiled, health and safety harmed, with clinics having no lights and, staff and students of Okomfo Anokye Senior High School are badly affected by this quagmire as the only senior high school in the town.

Counting their losses every day, inhabitants of Wiamoase in the Sekyere south of the Ashanti Region is calling on the government to as a matter of urgency, resolve the power outages in the town or publish a credible time table for load shedding to avert any further damages.

Source: Modern Ghana