The 5th Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation Promotes Digital Media Development, Strengthens Strategic Partnership

BEIJING, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 5th Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation (the “Forum”), co-hosted by the National Radio and Television Administration of China, the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and the African Union of Broadcasting, concluded successfully on August 26 in Beijing, China.

The 5th Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation Promotes Digital Media Development, Strengthen Strategic Partnership. Four Major Achievements Released during the Event, Highlighting Comm. Tech Innovation, Cultural Exchange and Emotional Bonding between China and Africa.

The forum themed “New Vision, New Development, and New Cooperation“, released cooperative achievements of China-Africa media cooperation in the following four categories:

  • Program co-broadcasting: nearly 30 excellent audiovisual productions from 20 African countries will be aired by the provincial/municipal TV stations as well as the internet platforms including Youku and MangoTV.
  • Documentary creation: China has produced a series of documentaries centering on Chinese and African cultures and cooperation, including “Lion Heart” and “Chinese Meet Africa,” which will be aired soon.
  • Program innovation: China has developed special programs and forums for Chinese and African youths that have been launched to explore new opportunities and challenges in cultural and educational exchanges. As an example, has produced programs including “Global Youth” and “Dialogue with the World.”
  • New media cooperation: a series of video projects have been developed in collaboration with African countries to promote industry exchange and product trade.

Founded in 2012, the Forum has been a key platform for Chinese and African media to facilitate extensive and in-depth cooperation in broadcasting, including key projects such as screening seasons of excellent Chinese TV series in Africa, co-production and co-broadcasting of TV content, installing satellite TV for 10,000 African villages and more. More than 3,000 professional broadcasting talents have received training from the Chinese media.

Centering on the application of advanced audiovisual technologies and digital development integration, the Forum’s interactive exhibition of audio-visual technologies featured a number of Chinese content and tech companies to demonstrate the latest products and technologies in IPTV, VR, AR, cloud gaming, immersive audiovisual, smart terminals, ultra HD and more.

During the Forum, iQIYI Inc. showcased QIYU VR, its flagship headset designed and developed with the goal of revolutionizing the best viewing experience. XLOONG’s AR convergence media smart glasses system has comprehensively leveraged the advanced technologies of AR, fluoroscopic near-eye optical display, 3D registration and SLAM, AI and image stabilization to achieve convenient and efficient functions like short news video recording, live broadcast, and video link to support production and broadcasting as a supplement to existing media broadcasting equipment. LUSTER LightTech presented its self-developed FZMotion optical motion capture system and LuXR camera tracking system that use motion capture and UAV tracking and positioning in the process of video production, realizing the simulation of virtual digital scenes of the city.

The Forum also published a joint declaration that reviewed and summarized the decade of achievements of China-Africa media cooperation as well as mapped the prospects and expectations for future media development.

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