The 2018 Jacques Chirac Foundation awards its Prize for Conflict Prevention

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This week’s request is from RFI Listeners Club member Michael Cunningham, who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Michael requested the Irish rebel ballad Kevin Barry.

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This week’s quiz: On 29 December, I asked you a question about the Jacques Chirac Foundation � just a reminder, Jacques Chirac was president of France from 1995 to 2007. He created the Jacques Chirac Foundation in 2008, and every year the foundation awards two prizes to people or organizations who work for peace. One of the prizes, the Culture for Peace prize, is awarded to a cultural organization which uses the arts to encourage peaceful interactions between people in areas of conflict. The other prize is awarded to an individual who works for the prevention of conflict. I asked you who won the 2018 Chirac Prize for the Prevention of Conflict � you were to tell me the name of the person who won, where she is from, and why she was awarded the prize.

The answer is: Dinushika Dissanayake, from Sri Lanka. Ms Dissanayake is an attorney and activist; she works on establishing transitional justice in Sri Lanka, after their 25 year long civil war. She works for the Law and Society Trust, which is a legal research and advocacy organization, promoting legal reforms for access to justice, human rights, and public accountability. She is also the Deputy South Asia Director for Amnesty International.

There was a very good interview with her on our sister TV station, France 24, with journalist Annette Young. In it, Dissanayake spoke of the continued suffering of Sri Lankans following the war, which even though it ended nine years ago, has left behind dire consequences. There are still missing people, there is still land which was taken from the Tamils by the Sinhalese military the reconciliation process is far from over. And that is Dinushika Dissanayake’s life work, for which she was awarded the prize.

The winners are: Rasheduzzaman from Rangpur, Bangladesh; Jobayada Aktar Jai, a member of the Nilshagor RFI Fan Club in Nilphamari, Bangladesh; Rima Saikia from Assam, India; Maaz Bin Shahzad, a member of the Pak France International Listeners Club in Sahiwal, Pakistan and RFI Listeners Club member Michael Cunningham from Brisbane, Australia.

Congratulations winners!

Here’s the music you heard on this week’s program : Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy) by Fritz Kreisler, performed by violinist Itzhak Perlman and pianist Samuel Sanders; traditional Sri Lankan music performed by Sri Lankan students from the Berklee Music Conservatory (Boston, U-S); Rimsky-Korsakov: The Flight of the Bumblebee; Folk Vibe No. 1 written and performed by Tananas, and the traditional Irish ballad Kevin Barry, sung by bass-baritone Paul Robeson.

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Source: Modern Ghana