Tema MCE hails Ghanaians for respecting President’s directives on COVID-19

Accra, The Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Felix Mensah Nii Annang-La, has expressed gratitude to Ghanaians in general for the demonstration of great spirit of subordination to leadership on Covid-19 pandemic.

He said, the response to directives from the President was accommodating and that an expression of gratitude was in order as the public obedience was what made it possible for government to have a hand on the pandemic so far.

“So far, our people have been observing the social distancing protocols and hygiene practices that the President has been prescribing and it is gratifying to note that because of this, we are able to keep track and minimize the spread.

“Today, if you observe all over Accra, Tema and Kumasi people have shopped in preparation for the lockdown that start on Monday. It is very clear that members of the public are obeying our leader and this is heartwarming,” Nii Anang-La said in an exclusive interview with the GNA in Accra.

According to him, Ghana would beat the Coronavirus, “and when we do, each and every one of us will be a hero in our own right because of the way we contributed to the fight by obeying the directives of our President.

Ghana’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been well structured with the populace largely obeying instructions that the Presidency has been issuing.

Indeed, it has been observed that for the very first time in a long time, Ghanaians have put aside divisive partisan politicking and everybody is giving respect to the President like never before.

President Akufo-Addo initially encouraged self-quarantine for people who travel into the country and it was obeyed.

Later, the President issued instructions for the country’s borders to be closed and again, it was obeyed without anybody reading political meanings to it.

Just last week, the President directed for markets in the country to be sprayed and those who sell in the markets halted their sales activities and gave way for the authorities to carry out disinfection exercise.

As it became necessary for a lockdown, the President’s instruction is also being thoroughly obeyed as Ghanaians shopped for supplies in preparation for the two week lockdown.

“This spirit of cooperation is the reason why Government has so far been able to track all the 152 infected people. I just want to tell Ghanaians that Government is grateful for the cooperation going to do everything we can to ensure that we beat this corona virus,” Anang-La said.

He said he had a meeting with heads of the various security agencies in the Tema Metropolis to prepare for the upcoming lockdown which commenced on Monday.

Meanwhile, the MCE has also revealed that he would be distributing hand sanitizers to the residents of Tema as part of the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Source: Ghana News Agency