‘Technical Universities must derail from institutional “copycatting”

Cape Coast, Professor Kwesi Yankah, Minister of State in-Charge of Tertiary Education, has underscored the need for Technical Universities to guard against the tragedy of institutional imitation, duplication and copycatting.

He said a technical university must develop its institutional niche for which it would be uniquely identified with adding that, if the current trend is left unchecked, it will virtually amount to the technical universities writing their own obituaries in the near future.

Prof. Yankah was speaking at the launch of a Partnership for Applied Sciences Project (PASS) by the Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) and the Kumasi Technical University (KTU) in Cape Coast.

The four-year partnership agreement is aimed at building the capacity of staff of the two institutions to carry out projects in their individual niche areas.

Prof. Yankah advised the technical universities not to slip back to become prime centres of business and humanities, the tragic past that had derailed Ghana’s strategic agenda of 60:40 science and humanities ratio in technical universities.

He lauded the partnership between the two Ghanaian technical universities and the German Universities of Applied Sciences saying, institutional partnerships were one of the most important means of experience sharing, boosting human resource capacity and a crucial prelude to the adoption of best practices.

Prof Yankah told the collaborators not to be oblivious of the socio-cultural idiosyncrasies and relative areas of strength which should result in processes of adaptation, rather than blind imitation and copying.

He discarded the emerging phenomenon in Africa, where many academic partnerships had come to be accepted as more realistic alternative to ‘patronage of eternal dependency’ where considerable inequality between stakeholders was assumed.

According to him, the nature of modern universities, called institutionalisation regardless of location to undertake research in variety of disciplines targeted at issues that transcended local interest may arouse intellectual curiosity.

Prof Yankah said government of Ghana was hugely inspired by the German TVET model in the conversion of polytechnics into technical universities, and that it was only a natural sequel that the project was inclined through institutional collaborations.

He expressed government’s unflinching support to the technical universities to go through the processes of transition smoothly as stipulated in the Transitional Provisions of the Technical Universities Act, 2016, (Act 992), Article 42, Clause 7.

Professor Lawrence Atepor, the Vice Chancellor of CCTU, expressed the hope that the new friendship would bring improvement in curriculum development in Eco-tourism, hospitality management, sustainable engineering, applied research and renewable energy systems.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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